Notable Posts & Books 6/12/10

Here are my notable posts for the week – read and enjoy!

Writers – Do you have the right stuff? from Kristen Lamb’s Blog

The Waistline Test from India Drummond

Giving Yourself Permission from

Make it Happen from Wagging Tales

What Kind of Reader are You? from Strictly Writing

Emotion. How Do You Write the Scene? from Laugh. Write. Play.

Carrot at the End of the Stick, or a Chocolate Stick? from Ju Dimello

Road Trip Weds: Get Over It. Go Out With Somebody Else. from My Sphere of Domesticity

Evil That Wears a Compassionate Face from Write Because You Must

The Anti-Hero: Love ’em or Hate ’em?
from The Writer’s Alley

Book Reviews

Review: Running Scared by Shannon K. Butcher from Fiction Vixen

Stick Shift by Lissa Matthews from Whipped Cream

No personal recommendations this week….I haven’t had a lot of reading time. I’m in the middle of several great reads right now though that I’ll be happy to share as soon as I’m finished.