Notable Posts No More

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to discontinue my Saturday posts. Not reading as many blogs is part of the issue, but the other part is that with the upcoming release of Tempest and all the different books I have in the works for the foreseeable future – I need to be spending more time building my personal backlist, and less time worrying about how many blogs I visited, gathering links, and even posting so often. I guess you could say I’ve had an intellectual priority shift lately, where the possibility of making a career out of writing has ceased to be some sort of fuzzy “dream” for the future, and began to be something real and tangible I can work hard at and actually have a shot at grasping. It helps to hold a real, bound copy of my first book in my hands to drive that point home.

I’ll be making just one other major change to the blog starting next week, in line with my new priorities for putting my fiction first, and ensuring that the time I do spend blogging is used wisely.

For this week only, I’m moving the weekly news and goals post to Sunday, to make room for the Tempest release day on Monday…so more details tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.

5 comments on “Notable Posts No More

  1. Ardee-ann

    Your Saturday blog will be missed but I certainly can understand a change in priorities. I am rearranging my priorities on an almost daily basis it would seem. I wish you well as you work on your new books and market Tempest. You certainly have your hands full.



  2. Dee Carney

    I’m sure your decision wasn’t made lightly. Good for you keeping your fiction first.

  3. Ruth Ann Nordin

    I think you’re doing the right thing. Once your books take off, people will be demanding more. There’s only so much you can do in a day. 🙂

  4. India Drummond

    It really is so hard to keep up with blogging and write, edit, etc as well. I really struggle with the time it takes up, although I love keeping up with everyone!

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