Of Food & Tattoos

I’m off work today for Columbus/Indigenous People/National Farmer’s/Canadian Thanksgiving Day – hooray for holidays!

You may want to grab a snack before you read on…


The first loaf.

I’m happy to announce that last week’s experiments in food were all successful. The pickled beet and curry eggs turned out great (and I expect they’ll keep getting better in the fridge), my bread turned out nicely even though the dough was too dry (will correct that this week, and even hubby liked it!), and my yogurt turned out very nicely as well, if a bit tart (no biggie, just won’t let it sit as long this week). Needless to say, I didn’t buy bread this week, and while we had a pretty long power outage that set me back with the housekeeping yesterday, I’m going to mix up three different types of dough once I get the fridge cleaned out today. Thank goodness today’s a holiday, or I’d be in trouble, but the power outage did make me think – what would I have done if I had to go to work today?

For this week, instead of watching three episodes of Warehouse 13 with my husband, I probably would have gone out to the kitchen and mixed up bread dough. Might have gotten my yogurt done for the week too. But I knew I had today, so I didn’t need to rush.

One of the beautiful things about artisan bread dough is – it’s freezable after the initial rise. So my plan for this week is to mix up three full-sized batches of dough (the soft white style I made last week, plus an olive oil dough and a brioche dough), keep them in the fridge for this week and use what I need, and then freeze the leftover dough. Then I just take what I need out of the freezer the night before baking day, and only mix up fresh when I run out. Voila, future power outages/schedule changes/last minute Sunday plans thwarted (I won’t run out of all three types of bread at once)!


Mmm…yogurt, granola & maple syrup…

I do love an organized plan. Especially when it facilitates good, healthy eating. That homemade yogurt has been a really nice late-night snack…I like it with a little pure maple syrup for sweetness, and a scant handful of locally made Sweet Almond Honey granola for extra protein/fiber. Seriously yummy.

In other news, I’m really looking forward to Thursday this week, when I’ll be getting the outline done on a new tattoo that will replace/cover an old one. Last Friday, I took a long lunch and stopped in to see my tattoo artist, who got a sketch of the 22-year-old tattoo on my right shoulder. It’s a cross and a bible verse written in Greek – the first tattoos I ever got when I was 18 and still in the Christian zealot phase of my life. The idea being, of course, to declare my beliefs, but also to remind my older self to remain faithful.


Bad pic, I know, but you get the idea.

Obviously, a lot has happened in those years, and my philosophical leanings have changed/matured quite a bit as well, but that’s not the reason I’m having this old piece covered up. For one thing, it isn’t pretty, or even particularly well done, and the lettering has long-since run together and become pretty much illegible. I don’t like how it looks, and very few tattoo artists are willing to go over/redo old work – they’d rather do their own (understandable).

Also, it didn’t take me long at all after getting this particular tattoo to realize that when people see writing, they want to know what it says (duh – I was 18). And when you tattoo yourself in a foreign language, especially one very few people study, they have to ask you what it says. And telling them gets really, really old…really fast. I haven’t worn tank tops in years, just because I don’t want to deal with the questions (and also because it just doesn’t look good).

So…I’m getting it covered with a new design that sums up the changing/fickle nature of my personal philosophy rather nicely: a big, red apple with a snake curled around it. No words needed, and if bits of the old ink happen to peek through, no problem, as the old and new are a “set” of sorts.

Going forward, no more words on my tattoos. Images only, thank you very much. Lesson learned!

I suppose it’s time to get to work…and I still need a shower. On my list for today (aside from catching up on kitchen duties) I have comic book reading, knitting, and writing, plus a few errands to run after lunch. Chop chop!

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