Off to a Rough Start

Last week was a rough week. It started off okay, but Tuesday and Wednesday I ended up down with some sort of weird stomach illness, couldn’t sleep Weds night (probably due to all the sleep I needed the previous two days) so Thursday was a big blur of trying to stay awake, and Friday was busier and more stressful than I’d have liked. Saturday we took Lucy-dog to the vet, and if we don’t get one of her ears amputated due to the cancer that’s pretty much eating it alive, we’ll have to put her down soon. There really aren’t any other viable options, which sucks.

Nothing like being sick *and* stressed out all in one week. Needless to say, my normal routines were up-ended, my diet was totally screwy (can’t be picky when you’re sick – you eat what your body wants/will handle), and I spent a lot of time worrying about the dog (which I’m sure affected the everything else adversely, or my perspective of them, at least).

I need to get more information on that surgery this week (have already emailed a list of questions to the vet), so we can decide whether or not that’s what we want to do. Whatever we decide, we need to move fairly quickly, because that ear is really uncomfortable, and I don’t want Lucy to suffer any longer than necessary. Which means this week is going to be difficult as well.

I haven’t been doing terribly well with the writing, though I did go through my notes on the steampunk/medieval/fantasy draft (Donteneoux’s Dragon) and got reoriented to the story. I need to go back and add a few things in before I write forward – things in my notes that didn’t make it to the draft, but I like them well enough to want to add them in now before I go too much farther. I also planned out the eight short stories I want to write this year in general terms, and I’m hoping to start one of those next weekend, since the 18th is a holiday/day off work for me (Martin Luther King Jr. Day).

I have been doing really well with the reading, and I finished The Kracken Project by Douglas Preston last week. Fun thriller that asks the question, “What happens when AI becomes sentient, and then gets loose?” I enjoyed it a lot, though I’m not sure I agree completely with how it ended. It was certainly intriguing, though!

I’m just starting The Sixth Extinction by James Rollins, which I dare say will be incredibly good (his always are). And next weekend, I fully intend to binge-read either the latest by Tawna Fenske, or another one of Jill Shalvis’s rom-coms. Next Sunday is my birthday, so it’ll be a – dare I say well-deserved? – treat to just sit and read for the better part of a day.

I wish you a better week than the one I’m about to have…