On Accounting, Time Travel & The Butterfly Effect…

Monday again, eh? Huh. 

Yesterday was an epic procrastination day. Epic. With a capitol “E”.
It’s a miracle I got this post written, to be honest. I had a long list
of things to do, not the least of which was to get my accounting for the
book business caught up in preparation for doing our taxes. 

So what did I do instead? It started with the
decision to find a spot in my kitchen for the dehydrator my
mother-in-law gave me. It’s been sitting/working on the dining room
table, and while the fan doesn’t make all that much noise, it’s enough
to be annoying at times, and the cord hanging off the table is a
tripping hazard when it’s plugged in. Now that I’ve decided to keep it, I
figured it earned a spot in the kitchen (a high honor, considering I
have precious little counter space). 
heard of the butterfly effect, right? In chaos theory, it’s where the
formation of a hurricane half a world away is dependent on whether a
butterfly flaps it’s wings or not three weeks before. Basically, a
particular decision affects the fate of something that at first glance
would appear completely independent and separate. 
Incidentally, we rented Men in Black 3 and Looper
this weekend, and I didn’t know beforehand, but they’re both time
travel plots (great movies by the way – I highly recommend them
both)…and those always explore the butterfly effect – it’s impossible
to explore the concept of time travel without it. Ironic, to a small
degree, considering my Sunday…
Back to my
dehydrator. In order to put it where I wanted to in the kitchen, I had
to “rehome” two cookie sheets, a cooling rack, and a spice rack. The
cookie sheets & cooling rack were easy. But moving the spice rack
ultimately required a complete clean-out and reorganization of three
cupboards around the stove. 
And that’s why I
didn’t get Mica’s sweater finished, any other blog posts done, or any
writing done. And it’s also why I didn’t “get around” to that accounting
I really need to get done! 
Yes, I claim the Queen of Procrastination title for yesterday. Go me! 
all that, I did actually get quite a bit done on the whole last week.
My Goodreads account is updated, I made forward strides in all of my
drafts, I wrote the starts to three new flash projects (see Friday’s
blog post), and I finally paid bills (depressing!). I also updated my
main web site, and the BSB site. And I even made a Dogster page for
This week, I have big plans as usual.
Lots of writing and I need to get back to regular workouts too – I’ve
been slacking on that lately. Here’s the list: 
– Three flash stories for Valentine’s Day
– Two serial scenes
– Work on short story that needs to end yesterday
– Work on accounting (seriously!)
– Finish Mica’s sweater (tonight!)
– Workout 4x (2x at home, 2x a the gym)
– Find cover art images for next books
– Write a couple letters I owe
not a big hallmark holiday girl, so Valentine’s Day isn’t really a
“celebrating” holiday at our house. We are pretty excited to watch that
new show, “Zero Hour” though – with our normal Thursday night pizza, of
course. And I find it most excellent that the next Die Hard movie’s
being released then, though we won’t see it until it’s out on DVD. 
Here’s to a great week, and if you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I wish you an incredibly romantic and passionate Thursday too!

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2 comments on “On Accounting, Time Travel & The Butterfly Effect…

  1. Carol

    The difference between your procrastination and mine is, you still end up getting a lot done. Maybe not the things you planned on, but my procrastination usually ends in napping or gaming. And I’m sure your cupboards and spice rack needed a good going over. 😉

    Looking forward to your stories this week and yeah, I can’t wait for the new Die hard movie too!