On Admin Stuff, Construction Workers, & Eyesight…

First thing’s first – if you’re reading this in an email, it means my subscription export/import worked. So if you enjoy getting these blog posts in your email, woohoo! If you were hoping your subscription to my site would drop when I moved, you’re probably a little frustrated right now. Never fear! There should be an unsubscribe button at both the top and bottom of your email (if there isn’t, let me know), so you should be able to remove yourself with no hassle and no hard feelings from me.

The good news for everyone is, with the new subscription method I’m using (through Mailchimp), now you can choose whether you want all posts from The Variety Pages, just the serial stories (skipping any non-fiction posts like this one), or just non-fiction (like this one and the Talking Books posts) with no serial stories. If you’re a current subscriber, I’m not sure how you’d change that, but you can either let me know what your preference is (just reply to this email), or unsubscribe and then come back to the blog and re-subscribe, choosing your preference then. Whichever works for you. The default setting is “all posts”, so if you do nothing, you’ll get them all.

Also, comments on all blogs should be easier now. The ones that do have captcha now just have a simple math problem to solve (yes, you can use a calculator, or your fingers, or jelly beans to help if you want), rather than the long, complicated captcha I had at that other place. You’re first post will be moderated, but after that they should go up automatically.

All that said, I’m going to make a couple of minor changes to the blog format again, now that everything’s moved and reorganized. Incidentally, feel free to check out the new, improved JamieDeBree.com – I’ll be adding a few things in the coming weeks, but it’s more or less done (I need more graphics…it’s on my list!).

First up, the MacKenzie serial is moving to Fridays, as of this week. I’ve been posting it on Tuesdays, but I’d rather keep all the serial posts together, and Friday is my day for fiction. So as of this coming Friday, MacKenzie Saves the World will be posted a little after midnight, and Under His Wing will be posted around 10am (MDT) as usual.

Second (and more minor), the Monday posts will no longer do the weekly recap thing, or the to-do list thing. I’m over it as far as blogging goes (though obviously I’m not over making or using lists). From now on (until I decide to change it again), the Monday posts will be “Monday Musings”, and can encompass anything from hobby news to writing laments to odd/weird/funny things I’ve seen or done. So…kind of like they are now, without all the planning and recap stuff. More interesting, I hope.

If you’re already a regular reader, you know I don’t blog about my writing much here (boring for anyone but other writers, really), but I do have The Drafting Desk where I (um, until this past month) post my daily word counts and writing notes, not just for my own stuff, but for my alter-ego projects as well. Now that the whole site moving debacle is over, I’ll be keeping that up to date again starting Wednesday (well, Tuesday if I write today, but it’s a holiday, so we’ll see). Feel free to stop in over there anytime if you want more writing-related updates from me.

Whew! I think that’s all the admin stuff I have. Boring, I know, but important, and now we can get back to more fun subjects, like the construction workers I pass twice a day on my way to work. I have to say, as much as I dislike construction, I do not mind one bit when those poor men get hot and have to ditch the shirts. Eye candy is integral to my being patient with otherwise frustrating traffic… 😉 I’d take a pic for you, but there’s really no good place to stop and hide while I do it.

I’ve already spent most of this long weekend working on the web site stuff, with short stints of weeding interspersed (and I’m gonna have to do some laundry today, dang it). I have Tuesday off work to, so I can go see the eye doctor. It’s been a long, long time, and I’m quite sure I need new glasses. I’m both looking forward to being able to see better again and not looking forward to the adjustment period for new lenses. I’m also not looking forward to picking out new frames. On account of…I can’t see without my glasses. *sigh* Hubby’s going to help, so if they look silly, I’m blaming it on him. As one does.

Now it’s nearly 1:15am, and while I don’t have to get up in the morning (woohoo!), I do still have to do my nails because I didn’t do them last night. Better get crackin’!

2 comments on “On Admin Stuff, Construction Workers, & Eyesight…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    The new website looks good. I hope that it works well for you. Good luck with getting glasses tomorrow. That is always an adventure.



  2. Jamie D.

    Thanks Ardee-ann. So far, so good (faster too)! And thanks for the luck too…I’ll need it. 😉