On Birthdays, Cold Temps & Hole-y T-Shirts…

I have one sister – younger than me by two years and ten months (she still gets mad when I round it up to three years). She’s one of those strange women who doesn’t like other people knowing her age (I really don’t think I’ll ever understand that), but I’ll be 40 this coming January, and her birthday is this coming Saturday. It’s not my fault if y’all know how to do math…

My dad’s birthday is also this week – and while I suppose I could make you do that math on that too, he won’t mind my telling you that he’ll be 63 on Tuesday – Veteran’s Day.

What does this mean for me (besides two slightly older family members)? An early Chinese dinner on Tuesday (it’s a federal holiday, so I’m off work), and chicken enchiladas at noon on Saturday.

Tuesday, of course, is supposed to be pretty cold (it’s snowing as I write this on Sunday night), with a forecast high of 9 and a low of 2. I was kind of happy I didn’t have to go to work, and when I subtly mentioned to my mom it was supposed to be that cold, I was not-so-subtly reminded that she still had to go to work that day (paybacks – she’s a middle school librarian, and I’m constantly reminding her that I have to work when she’s off on spring break or┬áChristmas┬ábreak or summer break or whatever). The implication being, of course, that I should buck up and get my butt off my cozy couch and out to Dad’s birthday dinner regardless of the weather. And I will, obviously.

If we could actually use the weather as an excuse not to do stuff up here, nothing would get done for at least a few months of every year. Still, can’t blame a girl for trying.


In other, sad news, several of my beloved t-shirts are starting to fall apart. Literally. Like, there are holes in them. I mean, it shouldn’t surprise me, considering I’ve had many of them since…um…actually, I think the one I’m wearing now I got in high school. Or college. My parents brought it back for me after a trip to Glacier National Park (pictured above). It’s incredibly comfy as only t-shirts that have been well broken-in are. *sigh* But it also has holes in the armpits and a few in other places as well – the sleeve, for one, and another near the hem.

A sadder one is my Super Novelist NaNo shirt from 2004 (10 yrs ago! – also pictured), which is getting holes around the front “superman” style logo, as well as other holes here and there. Dang it. I may cut out the logo portion of that one to keep. I really love that shirt…

In any case, I bought a dog rope toy at a craft fair this summer that is basically just a braid of old cotton knit material. And my aging t-shirts are…old cotton knit material. There are ways you can cut old t-shirts so they make one continuous strip of fabric, that can then be used to do whatever with….such as braiding into dog pulls, or crocheting into rugs and bags and such. Methinks maybe it’s time to retire some of these old shirts and give them a new life as something else…

But not until I get caught up with my NaNo novel. I’m way, way behind, and my plans to write Sunday didn’t ever really pan out, so…here’s hoping Tuesday will be my lucky day for lots of words.

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One comment on “On Birthdays, Cold Temps & Hole-y T-Shirts…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, have fun at your family birthday parties this week. Our family parties don’t start until next month and then we are on a role through May. After that except for Father’s Day we have a break until one lone birthday in September. My sister is almost exactly 3 1/2 years younger than I am. She doesn’t like people knowing her age either unless she can get a senior discount. I am excited about nearing 60 and she hasn’t gotten over turning 40 yet so there you go.

    I know what you mean about when favorite t-shirts fall apart. Oh how I hate it. When they can no longer be worn in public I just wear them around the house and sleep in them. When that is no longer an option they become dust rags and such until they are just beyond use. I use things until they are virtually in tatters. I am so sorry about your shirts. Can you hear Taps playing in the background?

    I knew it had to be getting cold up there. I was just watching a weather video about the Polar Express that is headed this way and bringing very cold(for us)weather. I saw on the map that Billings had already been hit and my heart went out to you. I know that you all are more used to cold weather than we are but still I do hate it for you to have weather that is so very cold.

    Good luck writing. I have fallen behind again. This pain is something else but at least when I can sit long enough I can pound out the words. That is the best part of it all, just getting the words out although I find myself battling with my inner editor. ARGH!

    Take care, Ardee-ann