On Birthdays, Trousseaus, & Sweet White Wine….

Top o’ the week to ya! Yes, we have a long, long ways to go until Friday, but considering this Friday is my 39th birthday, it’s a worthwhile slog to get there (for me, anyways). Except in years that the 17th falls on a weekend or happens to be the same day as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is observed, I take a vacation day from the day job.  So unless something dire happens at work that only I can fix (very, very doubtful), Friday I’ll be sleeping in, taking a slow, easy day, and going to dinner with my husband after he gets home from work. 

I truly can’t imagine a better birthday, honestly.

As I was thinking about birthdays the other day, and drinking my nightly half-glass of wine, I started thinking about  when I got my hummingbird crystal wine glasses (shown above). I was sixteen years old, and my mom had given both my sister and I hope chests (do people do this anymore?) at some point along the way, wherein we were to store things to save for when we grew up and got married and had a household of our own. This included some old baby clothes and toys, and also more traditional trousseau items like linens and in our case, dish/glassware. Either my mom or one of my close relatives sold Avon at the time, and in the catalog there was this beautiful set of real crystal that included champagne glasses, wine glasses, a candy dish, salt & pepper shakers, candlestick holders…and other things I can’t remember at the moment. I thought the hummingbird pattern on them was absolutely gorgeous, and when asked what I wanted for my birthday, I asked for those. 
I remember getting part of the set for Christmas, and part for my birthday, and I was just so very pleased with them…almost in awe that I owned something so beautiful at that point in my life (we were never well-off, so it was a pretty big splurge for my mom, even discounted). But it was more than that too. It was a sixteen-year-old’s hope for the future, for her own romance someday. I packed them up carefully in my trunk and they remained there until I bought my first house and moved out on my own nearly ten years later. I used them when I lived by myself (I was dating my husband at the time). And now here I am, 23 yrs later, fulfilling the hopes of my sixteen-year-old self and still enjoying those glasses with the man I love. 
We have quite a few options now when it comes to wine glasses around here. But the hummingbird glasses are still  my favorite – beautiful, elegant, and the perfectly shape/size for a nightly “drink with dinner”. Funny how that happened, isn’t it? 
On the subject of wine, I can’t really handle red wine (headaches, stuffy nose, general misery, thanks), but white doesn’t bother me. I tend to prefer sweet wines as well, and in the past couple of weeks we’ve tasted some really fabulous Rieslings, Moscatos, and Chardonnays. I have to say, I wasn’t too sure about this particular resolution, but I’m really enjoying it so far. We’re trying all sorts of different labels, but if the past week or so has been any indication, it’ll be hard to choose a few favorites. Although price will probably force that issue for us eventually, but for now, we’re experimenting. If you have a favorite sweet white wine, by all means, share the name! I’ll put it on our list. 
And now it’s 1am, and I really need to get to bed. Here’s hoping that the week flies by for all of us, and that your Friday will be as good as mine!  

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2 comments on “On Birthdays, Trousseaus, & Sweet White Wine….

  1. Carol

    Beautiful wine glasses! And how wonderful that you’ve found a way to use them on a daily basis! 🙂

    I would highly recommend you try Sutter Home white wine. It’s a California wine that we discovered on a trip to Florida one year. We found it in a drug store, of all places!

    Hope you have a fabulous birthday week! 😀

  2. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, I love the story of your hummingbird wine glasses. How precious!

    As for a lovely white wine that is not at all expensive I recommend Wiederkehr’s Niagra wine. It is light tasty and not too sweet. Also, Wiederkehr makes many nice Rose wines. I am including the link to their wines so you can look at the Roses. I think a good rose is fun.


    Last but not least, I couldn’t drink red wine for years even though I am very, very fond of some reds. I would try them every few years and now can drink them with no problem. I don’t know why there has been a change. I know it won’t happen for everyone but if at sometime you can drink some of the reds they are very, very nice although I do tend toward dry reds. Well, actually even though I have seldom met a wine I didn’t like I do tend toward dry wines but have a place on my palate for sweeter wines too.

    I hope your 39th birthday is lovely. My 39th birthday was one of my best ever and then when I entered my 40s it was a lovely decade. You truly are embarking into a new phase in your life. I hope you enjoy every minute of it.