On Brain Power, Priorities & Comic Book Inspiration…

Today is the last day of my little “mini-vacation” at home…which is a
bummer, but there’s no avoiding the day job. And I’ve been thinking
about the projects I need to get done there and how I can organize my
time better to work more efficiently, so I think these days off have
actually given me a better perspective on what I do daily. I’m hoping
that will alleviate some of the “brain drain” I’ve been dealing with in
the evenings as I try to shift focus to my night job – writing and
publishing. We’ll see, but I’m optimistic. Sometimes a simple schedule
change is the key to productivity and better productivity always leads
to a better attitude. Better attitude = less stress, no matter what it
is I happen to be working on. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about priorities too –
which applies more to my writing/publishing (at work, priorities are
largely set by the deadlines of others). Without the weekly serial story
deadlines, I’m completely reorganizing how I work on stories…and it
still feels weird. I have a specific number of stories I want to publish
this year and I really want to plan ahead so that in my busiest months
(August through November), I’ve written enough that I can be working on
drafts but have stories ready to publish to meet my goals. So I’m
scheduling stories for all four genres I want to publish in this year,
and tentative publishing dates, and I hope to have that done by the end
of today. 
My time off hasn’t been all work
though! I’ve also been reading a fantasy draft by a friend that is
awesome, and I can’t wait for her to get the first and second books
published, and write the third one. Because I’m demanding like that.
I’ve also been buying and reading comic books – and enjoying it! I feel
like it’s really expanding my literary and art world perspectives, which
can only be a good thing. And I’ve got the seed of an idea for a new
series to write as well. Ideas are everywhere, you know. You just have
to be open to them! 
As for last week’s
list…well, I started off strong, and ended up only getting about half
of it done. Part of the issue was being so busy this past weekend – we
were out of the house for a good 3-4 hours both Saturday and Sunday,
which is pretty abnormal for us. Needless to say, a lot of the
organizing and financial stuff just didn’t get done. I did finish
updating my personal web site though, which is good. You can go explore
at JamieDeBree.com if you’re so inclined.         
sole goals for today are to get the current short story I’m working on
done, plus tomorrow’s serial scene. As for the rest of the week, I’m
shooting for this: 
– Two more serial scenes written
– Two short story drafts started
– One more short story edited
– Input last year’s sales into Quickbooks
– Work on the basement reorganization project
– Load of laundry every day (trying to get caught up)
– Four workouts…two at home, two at the gym
– More work on Mica’s sweater
– Catalog one stamp/stamp sheet and one smurf
lots, but much of it will be done during my nightly writing times and
the rest can be done in short time blocks  between dinner and workouts
(aside from the financial stuff & organizing, which can be weekend
Ready? Here we go…

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