On Brownies, Lap Swimmers & Fender Benders…

Monday again…and I’ve just eaten an incredible triangle-shaped
brownie with frosting for a late night snack. We bought a pair of them
off the “reduced for quick sale” rack at a local grocery store Saturday,
and just got around to eating them tonight. They were the
super-dense-still-cakey kind of brownie, like the ones I used to get out
of the vending machines at our local Y when I worked there as a
lifeguard and didn’t have the money or energy to go buy lunch or dinner.
The kind of brownie that is a meal unto itself, really…and total
sugar-shock to the system too. 

was the kind of treat that I used to break into small bites and eat on
duty at 5:30am or noon while watching some of my favorite lap swimmers
get their exercise for the day. James, the tall, skinny journalist I may
have had half a crush on. Kelly, the quiet and thoughtful lawyer. Ed,
the happy-go-lucky disabled guy who never let his disabilities get in
the way. A few other lawyers who work for the county where I now work
too (did they work there back then? I have no idea, I just knew they
were nice guys who always stopped to say hi). The mountain climber I
definitely had half a crush on (and who was probably double my age, not
that I cared). The older woman with shoulder problems who was stern on
the outside, but talkative as a magpie once you got to know her. 

Amazing the kind of memories food can bring back, isn’t it? 

any case, last week was a good week for productivity, until Friday when
my brain just sort of said “enough”, and the only thing I could think
about was escaping into a romance novel for hours and hours on end. Of
course I didn’t, but I wanted to, and in the end, the book finally won
over the writing. 

Ah well. It
happens. Sometimes you just gotta let the mind win with things like
that. It generally knows what it’s doing. Sort of.

When I was getting things done, I managed to get The Holiday Pact
up and ready for purchase, so if you’ve been waiting to buy all three
of the stories I wrote with my alter-ego last year, the whole collection
is available now for $3.99 from the BSB shop, or your favorite online
retailers. Woot! Here are some links:

Brazen Snake Books | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

course the individual stories are also available for $1.99 each, if
reading cross-genre isn’t your thing (understandable, especially
considering the gap between these genres).

also managed to get some of my bookkeeping caught up, so go me! I’m
hoping to keep the momentum going this week – if I can get the rest of
my income put in quickbooks, and then start on my expenses, I’ll
consider myself doing very well.

other news, it’s snowing. Again. A lot. And we’re taking the Subaru in
to the shop Monday after work, so they can pull a dent out of the hatch
that “appeared” earlier this year (must have gotten hit while it was
parked in a lot…no note, of course). So I’m losing my seat warmers,
and the ability to park in the garage (our truck won’t fit in the
garage, and that’s what I’ll be driving while the car’s in the shop).
Yes, I’m spoiled. And yes, I’m sick of snow. Dang it. Enough already!

And with that, I’m going to bed, and hoping tomorrow morning won’t be as bad as it could be…

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