On Business, Breaks, & New Names…

just after midnight, all is quiet and the weekend is over. In a few
too-short hours, I’ll be back at my day job desk, writing code and doing
all the things that a web developer does. I’m lucky to be one of those
writers who likes my day job most of the time, so while I abhor having
to get up so early in the morning to actually get there, for the most
part I’m happy enough to do it. 

was a good weekend, for the most part, though rather than catching up
on my NaNo draft, I got about 800 words done in one begrudging session
on Saturday. The thing is, I *could* have made writing a priority this
weekend. I probably could have written a good 3000 words a day. I didn’t
have anything else planned, and nothing else came up. 
just simply didn’t feel like sitting in front of a computer screen for
that long. Or for much time at all, really. I had other book business-y
things to take care of too – covers, promo stuff, post scheduling…and
all of it just sort of fell by the wayside, because I needed a break.
While I don’t always take that weekend break, I usually need it. 
you’ve known me for any length of time at all, you already know that my
mind needs variety to run optimally. It makes me slower at things
sometimes, but while I do still occasionally fight it here and there, it
always works best to just go with the flow and give it what it wants –
different experiences to keep things new and fresh. 
what did I do instead of spending time with my characters? I finished
my first knitting project, went shopping for larger needles (that,
incidentally, won’t work after all with the weight of yarn I’m using),
and started a new one. I crocheted another square for the afghan project
I’m working on. I also got my hubby started on a new crochet project to
help me out with Christmas gifts (I taught him to crochet a long time
ago…he saw me doing it, and wanted to learn). 
did my nails (as usual), did the housework, caught up on last week’s
episode of Arrow and spent time with the dogs. All rather mundane in the
grand scheme of things, but all good ways to let the mind take a break
for a little while, and do something different for a couple of days. 
I win NaNo this year? Probably not, but then again, I didn’t really
expect to. I’m not giving up just yet, of course – maybe next weekend
I’ll start writing, catch a groove and do a 5k word day. Or maybe I’ll
get a bug to write late one night this week, and make up a whole bunch
of words at once. You never know, really…but of course I’ll be writing
anyways throughout the month, so we’ll see. 
One thing I do know is that I will finish MacKenzie Saves the World.
And it’s definitely *not* romantic suspense – sweet, sexy or otherwise.
I started writing it under my own name with the suspicion that
somewhere along the way, a suspense plot would sneak in. But it hasn’t,
and from what I can see, there’s no need for one (first time I’ve ever
said *that*)…so I’ll be choosing a pen name to release the story under
in 2014. Why? To help readers not get confused about what kind of book
it is, and how racy it might be. Yes, I know readers are smart, but
personally, as a reader myself, I really prefer it when authors publish
different genres under different names. It helps me to distinguish very
quickly what type of book it is, and that saves me a bunch of time when
determining what I want to read and what’s an “auto-buy”. Authors who
publish many different genres under one name are never an auto-buy for
me, simply because I have to vet each book instead of knowing to expect
the same kind of experience throughout. Yes, I’m lazy. And yes, I prefer
not to have to worry about whether one book is romance and the next is
YA or whatever. It’s human nature to want to be able to sort and vet
quickly and easily, in my opinion. 
new pen name will be an open one, of course, so just as soon as I
decide what it will be, I’ll post it here and add it to my main web
All that said, what’s on tap for this week? Glad you asked.  
– A ton of writing (3 serial scenes and as much NaNo drafting as I can take)
– More work on the yarn projects
– Write out another suspense/horror idea I came up with over the weekend so it will stop bugging me
– Cover art for Jasmine Betrayal
– Cover art mock-ups for Creme Brulee & MSTW (if I’m so inclined/have the time)
– Decide on a new blogging schedule for Alex’s blog.
And that’s it. This month is all about staying focused on the words/projects, and I’m happy to do just that. 
If you’re doing NaNoWriMo this month, many words to you! And for everyone, a happy and productive week…

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