On Clogged Drains, Priorities & Spring Cleaning…

can hear you groaning out there as you read the title of this post. “Oh
no!” the readers cry. “She’s in one of those introspective moods again!
Quick! Someone stop her before she analyzes The World!” 

which I reply, “Dude. Easy on the exclamation points. No need to get
all dramatic just because I used the ‘P’ word. Seriously.” 

it is Monday, but it’s crazy early (as in 12:15am), and I’m tired and
waiting for my laundry to dry before I can go to bed. The laundry’s
going rather late because our basement drain got clogged up last
weekend, and I had to wait for Draino and a couple small loads to do
their thing before I could put in a decently-sized one. Ah, domestic
life. It doesn’t get much more mundane than that, does it? 

yes, I have had a lot of time to think this weekend…mostly during
long crochet sessions wherein I was working on two sets of baby booties
on special order. They’ve already been paid for, so I’d like to get them
done and shipped out as soon as possible, but Saturday I had a bit of a
tug-of-war with myself, and the writer side won. Two hours later I
wasn’t one stitch farther along on my crochet project, but I had a 900
word start to a novel that I think will be really good when it’s done. 

that, I crocheted for another couple of hours, went to Captain America
on the big drive-in screen, and did my nails. Sunday after chores
I…yes, you guessed it. I crocheted most of the day, taking breaks only
for housework & food. I got two booties mostly done, and one more
closer to done. If it’s light enough in the evenings this week, I’ll
finish the last two, otherwise they’ll have to wait for the weekend.

lot of that time I spent thinking about priorities – writing
vs…everything else. Book biz vs life. Book biz vs. actual writing. And
the amount of time/energy I have to put into all of those different
things, vs. how much I *want* to put into those things given the
risks/possible rewards. Yes, I over-think a lot, and yes, I have plenty
of doubts & fears swirling around in my head (that’s not abnormal
for creatives, it’s status quo). But I try to push the emotional crap
aside and look at things as logically as I can before making decisions.
I’m actually pretty good at that – my personality lends itself well to
stepping outside myself and seeing things from a more objective point of

In any
case, long story slightly shorter, I made some decisions about the
business side of my writing that I’m not particularly happy with, but I
can live with for now given the circumstances and how I want my
priorities to shake out at this point in my life. And obviously I’ll
still be writing/publishing, so nothing too dire (couldn’t stop writing
if I tried, honestly), just nothing that will help me get ahead either.
And that’s okay…for now. The important thing is that I can continue to
write/share my work, and that won’t change anytime soon. I’ll write up a
post for the business blog later this week with more detail.
“Streamlining” is my word of the week.

guess you could say I’m sort of “spring cleaning”…just in a
planning/organizational sense. Though with the weather getting nicer
finally, I’m itching to start some physical spring cleaning too. Right
after I get our taxes done next weekend. Which entails catching up the
business books once and for all this week… *sigh* 

I’m “spring cleaning” my finances/budget too. Streamlining costs,
banks, debt payoffs, investments…everything is getting an overhaul.
It’s important to do that once in awhile, I think, even if just to be
very much aware of where the money’s going/where it needs to go for
future goals. And how to make sure there’s still enough left over to
play a little, too.

with that, my laundry should be about done, so I’m off to get it
folded/hung, and then to bed. Here’s to a warm, sun-shiny Monday for us

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One comment on “On Clogged Drains, Priorities & Spring Cleaning…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, I am sorry to hear about your drain issues and hope that they are fully resolved. Good luck with getting all of your bookwork and tax stuff done. I wish you well with your new business plan and hope things work out very well for you. I am extra glad to find out that you will still be writing. What would I do without my weekly fix? 😀