On Closets, Yarn & Decorative Shoes…

Prompt o’ the Week: A tourist stops on a wide bridge to have a
caricature artist draw a portrait. When the artist is done, the tourist
is taken aback by the facial interpretation…

you own any shoes that you bought with the *idea* of wearing, but
realized once you had them home that they really weren’t ever going to
work for you but you love them too much to let them go? Or is that just
This weekend hubby and I tackled the first
of our “get the house organized for 2013” projects: cleaning out and
organizing our respective clothes closets. Mine took longer, but it’s
not for the reason you think. My husband actually has more clothes than I
do…but his closet was pretty much only clothing (and 10 billion
pillows because he goes through them like crazy…but I digress). My
closet, on the other hand, housed not only my clothing but also a good
half of my yarn stash (which is far, far too big for someone who rarely
crochets anymore, though I’d like to), a bunch of empty boxes, random
things like an unused paraffin bath, my mom’s old bowling ball and
shoes, and miscellaneous Halloween items (which should surprise no
It also contained several pairs of shoes
in shoe boxes. I have two different size feet, so when I buy shoes, I
try to buy one pair in each size, leaving me with a pair of perfectly
new but mismatched shoes in the end. Needless to say, I can’t wear them,
and the only person who could would be someone with exact opposite
mismatched feet from mine. I think I’m going to try to sell them on
In any case, there were also two pairs
of shoes in there that I absolutely adore – one a pair of TUK pumps in
neon green leopard print, and the other a pair of bright red Iron Fist
peep-toe heels with corset lacing and bows up the back and black skulls
on the top and sides. The TUK pair are half a size too small for one
foot, and one size too small for the other, but if I cut my toenails
really short, I could probably wear them for a limited time. The rounded
toes don’t suit me (I have long, narrow feet), but I can’t bring myself
to get rid of them…
The Iron Fist
heels…well, they’re like my tall black lace-up “stripper boots”. They
aren’t made for walking, they’re a half size too big for one foot and
they’re too tall for me to walk in comfortably, so they’ll probably
never leave my house. But I’m not getting rid of those either. Or the
stripper boots, dang it. And yes, I can walk in those for a limited
time, and they’re too small too. Why don’t the fun heels ever come in my
size, anyways? And a 3-inch heel (2 3/4 is perfect for me) would really
be more comfortable/safer than those 4-inch-with-platform shoes…
So yeah. Decorative shoes. And I’m not even a “shoe girl” (handbags are a different story)! 
for the yarn…there’s a ton. Half of it is all tangled up too, and
most of *that* is already started in various miscellaneous projects. I’m
going to have to get the scissors out to untangle all the knots, frog
(take out – rip it! rip it!) those old pieces and start over. The good
news is, I won’t have to buy yarn for a very, very long time, and I have
plenty to make Mica and Lucy sweaters, both dogs booties, and some last
minute Christmas gifts by request. Now to find time to do all that…
it’s Monday (albeit around 1am), and it’s time to get my head back in
“work mode”. Last week I did pretty well with my list – although I
haven’t gotten the anthology formatted yet (my fault for finishing my
story late – it’s with the editor), and I didn’t get my cards out yet
either. Still not bad, all things considered. Here’s the list for this
– Write & send out cards (Monday night!)
– Format and upload anthology
– Send out holiday email newsletters
– Serial scenes (finish the horror serial draft)
– Work on “OHT” draft
– Crochet last minute gifts 
– “Wrap” gifts (we’re doing bags this year – much quicker)
– Order more face powder (I keep forgetting!)
– Workout 3x (at least one swimming, and one weight training)
– Completely clean out and reorganize the office (next weekend’s project)
– Work on getting the laundry completely caught up (ie, a load per day)
And that is *plenty*, methinks. 
Here’s to getting organized *before* the new year starts, instead of waiting until afterwards as usual….

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