On Craziness, Housekeeping & Cover Art…

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the holidays are over and we’re
getting back to normal this week. Relatively speaking, anyway. There’s a
lot going on at work that isn’t exactly normal, but at least my
daily/weekly routines will be stable again. 

Despite all the craziness of the past couple weeks, I
managed to get a ton of stuff done. You may or may not (if you read via
rss reader or email) have noticed the new blog layout, and I’ve started
redoing my main website as well. I’ve restructured my writing routines
right down to the bones, and while it still feels really weird and a
little disjointed while I adjust, I think it’s working. We’ll see. 
been working a lot on personal routines and habits too – another good
but odd change. Ironically, changes I’ve meant to make for a long time
(like keeping the house cleaner) have been easier to implement since
I’ve moved farther along on my mission to get fit and healthy. Why?
Because I need to *move* on the weekends, and a good way to get more
exercise without actually exercising is…housework! I know…it’s
totally wrong, but it really does work. A win-win all around, sick as
that may be. 
This past weekend was a nice mix
of work and personal stuff, and I managed to get three covers designed
while I was at it – one for each genre I write in. I’m just waiting on
some copyright info for a tiny piece of the cover for Deadly Chai
before I reveal it – but I have to say, I think it really turned out
well, and I can’t wait to share! The other two covers will be up on the
BSB blog and their respective author blogs sometime this week. 
coming week, I have big plans for a lot of writing and more catch-up on
business stuff I’ve been neglecting. I’d also like to do something with
some non-writing related blogs that have also been neglected. So a full
plate, but a satisfying one, I hope. 
Here’s my list for the week: 
– Finalize the cover for Deadly Chai, one way or another
– Finish the short story draft I’m currently working on
– Scenes for both the ongoing serials
– Start catching up on the business accounting for 2012
– Finish up some unfinished anthology business
– Update the BSB blog
– Updates to my non-writing blogs
– Get back to a normal workout schedule 3x per week
– Start cleaning/decluttering/organizing the basement
– Look for cover art images for current short story draft
that’s it. I’ll be extremely happy if I can get most of that done.
Here’s to ongoing productivity…and steamy short stories that
practically write themselves.

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2 comments on “On Craziness, Housekeeping & Cover Art…

  1. Carol

    Snicker. What I’d like to know is: are you sneaking into my head to steal lines, or am I sneaking into yours? 🙂

    That’s a mighty big list of stuff to do in a week, especially considering you have a full time job!

  2. Jamie DeBree

    In this case, you were sneaking into mine, because I wrote this before midnight last night. LOL

    Yes, it is a big list. But I’ve completed one already, and am chipping away at three other items on the list tonight (four if you count writing later), so off to a very good start. 😉