On Creativity, Moving On and Other Scary Stuff…

Prompt ‘o the Week: A woman working as a temporary assistant brings her lunch to work every day, but every day someone steals it from the office refrigerator before her break…

Sheesh…when I decide to take a vacation, I really take advantage, don’t I? My apologies for the long absence…things have been pretty insane around here lately. 

Our vacation (Universal Studios Orlando/Halloween Horror Nights) was good – but a lot of work/walking/people too, so I’m glad to be home. Making sure we had ample time afterward to recover was a very good idea, as we’re both still quite tired three days later. It’s weird, because normally when I go somewhere, I come back with a million ideas for new stories, but this time? Nada. I guess I had a very vague, subtle thought tease on one of the flights, but nothing interesting has come of it. Then again, going to theme parks may not be the best way to get ideas, simply because all the sets and themes and “fantasy worlds” are so complete already there’s really no room for imagination, if that makes any sense. Creativity is far more likely to happen in mundane circumstances, or that’s been my experience, anyways.

Not like I need any more ideas…I have enough to last me for nearly a decade of writing as it is… 

Last time I posted, it was because I had to put my older dog to sleep (man, I miss him…still really can’t talk about it), and poor Lucy ended up by herself while we were gone, which was a “worse case scenario” type of thing. She was extremely happy to see us when we returned, but she still wasn’t quite herself, and since I doubt I’ll have so many days in a row off again for awhile, we decided to go ahead and adopt another dog. And I’m happy to report that while they still have quite a lot of settling in to do, Lucy and the new dog (a 5 yr old Anatolian Shepherd/Lab mix) are getting along well, and Lucy’s becoming more like her old happy-go-lucky self. The new dog has some issues to work out (all rescues do), but he’s a great dog overall and I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s like in a few weeks when he gets all settled in.

I know a lot of people can’t stomach the thought of another dog soonish after one passes, but for me, it helps to move on. It doesn’t mean I loved Gabriel any less, truly. I don’t do well with long grieving periods…I never have (for animals or humans). Know thyself and act accordingly, I say. Everyone grieves differently.  

On that rather morbid note, I think it’s about time I started getting back into “normal mode”. I don’t go back to the day job until next Monday, but I do have a lot of writing/publishing business stuff to take care of, as well as some personal bookkeeping things I let get out of hand with all the pre-vacation stress to square away. 

And of course Halloween is coming up. While we aren’t decorating inside the house this year (no party, no deco), we’ll still do the yard haunt. And it’s now less than two weeks away from the big day! The last few days have been seriously windy/cold, so not conducive to working out in the yard, but today looks like it might be a tad bit more promising, and I’m hoping maybe the weekend will be even better. 

Naturally, the first order of business for me in getting back to “normal” is…making a list. Here’s what I’m aiming to get done before next Monday: 

– Catch up on all serial novels
– Get the fence for the graveyard put up in front
– Find a rocking chair for our new “nanny”
– Laundry and other post-vacation cleaning
– Mail out author print copies for the last anthology (finally!)
– Fill out absentee ballot for the election
– Pick a new name for the new dog, and outfit him with new collar, tags, prong collar, etc. 
– Renew Lucy’s city license, and get new dog licensed
– Start keeping track of calories again (tomorrow!)
– Get one workout in this week
– Organize the personal finances and make a better plan for next month

A lot? Yes, but I have three and a half days to get everything done, and a lot of it is just sitting down and doing paperwork/writing/mailing labels, or running errands. Honestly, the rocking chair thing might be the hardest part…

In any case, I’d better get to work, eh? How’s your week going? Anyone getting ready for Halloween, NaNo, or both? 

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2 comments on “On Creativity, Moving On and Other Scary Stuff…

  1. Dolly Garland

    What? No Halloween Party at Jamie’s? But I look forward to that every year in a virtual sense :-))

    welcome back! Lists are so good, aren’t they? There is a strange sense of comfort in them for us strange people! 😛

  2. Jamie D.

    Thanks! And no party this year – the vacation was enough of a “big thing”. But next year… 😉

    I do love my lists… 🙂