On Curve Balls, Virtual Moves & Planning Ahead…

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You know, you’d think I’d be used to the curve balls life lobs our way when we get to a certain level of comfort in our lives, but somehow, I’m still taken by surprise far too often. I can’t decide whether it’s because I’m just that naive, or if it’s because I’m not nearly as cynical as I think I am, but it doesn’t really matter, I guess. Life would be a bit boring if it were always easy, but sometimes I feel like a freak when things that are easy for other people turn out not to be for me. Which is actually more things than I care to admit, honestly. 
Like my new gadget, for instance. The MiFi modem I was so happy about last week? Yeah. It gives me headaches. Not the wifi signal – I pretty much marinate in those all day, every day, but the cell signal. A smart co-worker told me it’s because I can “hear” the noise from that particular signal, and my brain doesn’t like it (or doesn’t know what to do with it, one of the two). Part of it could be a malfunction in the device itself (my co-worker could actually hear it too, thank goodness)…being around cell phones don’t normally bug me, so I need to see about getting a different mifi device to transfer my sim card to. My ultimate plan is to get a used smartphone (I want a Galaxy Note 3, but would settle for a Note 2), and put my data sim card in that…with Verizon, that’s perfectly fine, and would give me a smartphone with just a data plan, which is exactly what I want. But I can’t afford that just yet, and I spent my weekend dealing with another curve ball that hit last week, so hopefully this week I’ll have some time to shop for a new MiFi device. Meanwhile, I’ll try putting it in a closed drawer at work and see if that helps.  
The other curve ball that hit late last week was finding a refund from my web host in my bank account for nearly the whole year’s worth of blog hosting fees. After fishing an email from them out of my spam filter, I discovered they are discontinuing the blog service I use, so I have to move all of my blogs (yes, including this one) elsewhere by the end of June. Granted, I’d been considering moving anyways (slow load times and other nits had me pretty frustrated earlier this year), but it would seem the decision’s been made for me. At least they refunded my fees, so I had money to find a new host with. 
In any case, it took me awhile and a good deal of research to choose a new web host, but I finally did, and I’m optimistic that this change will be a good one all around – eventually. The bad part is having to actually move all of my sites. Because I’ve been using host-automated blog templates and site builders, I have to completely rebuild my sites from scratch on the new host. This will be a good thing too, once all the work is done. Better blog performance for one, and an easier comment system to manage (ie, no more captcha!). It’s just going to be…a lot of work to get everything moved and running on the new host.
I’m going to get the Brazen Snake Books site and blog done first, so this blog won’t be moving for a couple weeks yet. I’ll let you know all the details when I’m ready to make the switch, but here are a few things that I have decided with regards to this particular blog and a couple of others that are happening immediately: 
– I’ll be integrating the Comic Shop Romance serial story blog into this one, as of this week. So instead of going to a separate blog, you can read MacKenzie’s story right here every Tuesday, starting this week.
The Drafting Desk will be split up and instead of daily updates for all of my drafts, I’ll post weekly stats and writer’s notes on my drafting progress to each of my author blogs. This will go into effect immediately, and you’ll find Writer’s Notes posts on each of my author blogs (including this one) as of Saturday, May 3rd.   
– I was going to wait until the current serials are done, but in light of the move and post importing/exporting, I’ve decided that all serial story installments will only be available for one week as of this week. When a new installment goes up, the previous one will come down. If you miss an installment, you can always email me to get a copy, easy-peasy. 
I’ll have more details later, but those are the big changes happening now. I’ll do my best to make the moves as smooth as possible, and we’ll have spiffy new sites to play with all around in the next month or two. Fun, eh? 
Now it’s off to bed for me. It’s going to be a very busy month!

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2 comments on “On Curve Balls, Virtual Moves & Planning Ahead…

  1. Carol

    Wow! That’s a lot of work you have ahead of you!

    I’ll be sorry to see The Drafting Desk go. I rather liked seeing all your writing updates in one place. However, I can’t honestly say I’ll be disappointed when the Comic Shop Romance moves over here. The green is pretty and all, but it’s a little hard on the eyes for reading. 🙂

    If I don’t see much of you online this week, I guess I’ll know why! LOL Good luck with all that work! 😀

  2. Jamie DeBree

    Well, if there’s enough people who want The Drafting Desk to remain separate, I’ll certainly set up a separate site for it. And then it would be daily reports again. I just wasn’t sure how many people even cared, outside yourself and Ardee-ann. I’ll check out the statistics and see how much traffic that blog gets.

    And I owe you an email, so look for one later today. 😉