On Decked Halls, Egg Nog & Cleaning House…

Prompt o’ the Week: There’s a woman who comes
into a cafe once a week, always at the same time, sits in the same
place, and orders the same thing, via written note to the waitress. One
day, she comes in late, sits at a different table, and says one word
that changes the waitress’s life…

It’s December! Whoa. Weird. So much happened this year that it flew
right by, but it’s been an oddly balanced year too, which is good I
suppose. I feel fortunate that with all the not-so-good things that have
happened, we had a lot of good stuff happen too.

An odd thing about this year is that despite the fact that I have
no money and really have to watch my budget from here on out (that car
payment/extra insurance is tougher than I thought it would be on the
bank account), I’m actually not in as “bah humbug” of a mood as I tend
to be around the holidays. Yesterday I got our Christmas tree up and
most of our decorating done, and while normally I cap the seasonal
decorating at one day, I think I might do a little more tonight while
waiting for Castle. Heck, we might even put more lights up outside next
weekend, weather permitting. If we could just get a little snow, I could
even potentially send cards out this week…

I know, I know. I’m probably going to sprain something if I keep this up.

We drank our first glasses of eggnog last week – and I have to say,
I don’t remember it being quite so yummy in years past. A little
nutmeg, a little whipped cream on top…insane calories, but that just
means I need to get back to my workouts so I can burn them back off.
Same with the pumpkin pie I made last night – though that isn’t nearly
so many calories. In any case, I dare say that despite the tight budget,
eggnog will be a fixture in the fridge for the rest of the month.

This weekend as I was doing my weekly cleaning and later the
decorating, I was thinking about how I want (need!) to dredge out my
closet, and the office, and the basement. Getting rid of a *ton* of
things not used or wanted, and really organizing everything else for
more efficient use of space. I keep thinking those are good projects for
January, but my husband is gung ho to get started (his closet needs a
clean-out too), and I’m increasingly thinking, why not just get it done
this month? We have three weekends between now and Christmas, and it
would be so very nice to start the new year with the house all organized
and in order. I think we’ll start with the closets next weekend, and
just do one project a week to the end of the month. And then January can
be the time for starting new routines and using those spaces

All that to say…I feel good. Positive. Even though I have far
more to do writing/editing/publishing wise than I have time for this
month, I’m not stressed or anxious – it will get done. I’ve got a few
last minute gifts to pick up and/or make, but I’m oddly not worried.
Very “zen” about the whole thing this year, if you will.

Here’s my list for the week – and yeah, it looks like a lot, but a few disciplined days and it’ll all get done:

– Draft & edit a flash story for the Cold Feet anthology
– Serial scenes for the two blog serials still running
– Send drafts off for editing, now that NaNo is over
– Format the Cold Feet anthology for print/ebook
– Finish the Christmas decor
– Write & send Christmas Cards
– Draft holiday newsletters for my author names and the main BSB list
– Workout 3x (one of which should be at the gym, swimming)
– Clean out our closets this weekend (totally dredge, donate and reorganize)
– With any leftover time, work on the OHT draft

Yep…it’s gonna be a good week, methinks. Productive too. I can feel it.

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