On Denial, Maintenance Plans & Cold Feet…

Prompt o’ the Week: A woman sits at a bar, her friends on
the dance floor or otherwise engaged at the moment. A man sends her a
drink, but she refuses it, earning a shrug from the sender. A few
minutes later, there’s a tap on her shoulder…

kind of in denial that it’s only a week and one day until Christmas.
For the past several weekends, I’ve been so busy cleaning and organizing
and decluttering that I barely saw them go by, and this past weekend
was no different. Saturday morning I started mucking out our home
office, and I finally called it “done enough” Sunday night around 9pm
(roughly 3 hours before I started writing this post). 
know how people always tell you that it’s easier to keep something
maintained than to “catch up” later? Those people are right 99.9% of the
time, and when it comes to housekeeping, I’d wager it’s 100%. And yet
most of us go for the “catch up” plan because we’re too lazy to get off
our butts and do whatever it is that needs doing now, rather than later
when it’s reached epic and overwhelming proportions. 
One of my resolutions for the new year is not to be that lazy person.
Ironically, that goes hand-in-hand with the whole “maintain a healthy
weight” thing. Oddly, when one is maintaining a house (aka, keeping up
on housework), one is not sitting on her butt, so is burning calories. 
I know. Crazy, right? 
any case, back to my denial. No, I still haven’t sent Christmas cards
out yet. Why? Partly because I keep thinking I need to write a nice note
in them, or include a Christmas letter, or a picture or…something
other than just signing my name with a greeting and slapping a stamp on
it. So…perfectionism, on a smallish scale. 
ends now. Tomorrow night, cards will be signed, addressed, and stamped.
Mailed at work on Tuesday, and with any luck, people within a
couple-state area will get them by Christmas. 
still have a couple gifts to get/make…but I need to get the anthology
I’m working on done and released first. The “to make” ones were a
special request last week, so I’m not sure those will actually get done,
but we’ll see. Then it’s just a matter of putting things in pretty gift
bags and delivering them to the proper houses on time next week. Easy
About that anthology – Cold Feet
is a collection of five short stories from myself and four other
authors that all involve snow and bare feet (group shiver!). It’s
officially releasing on Friday, so check it out if you’re so inclined.
Or better yet, wait until next Tuesday, when all BSB ebooks are free for
the day. Watch for that promo code late Christmas eve…
week (12/24 – 12/28) rather than my normal posts, this blog will be
silent on Monday and Tuesday (Christmas eve/Christmas day). Wednesday
I’ll post my “year in review” for 2012, Thursday I’ll post my
resolutions for 2013, and Friday we’ll talk scheduling (aka, “How the
heck do we make those resolutions happen?”). If you’re interested, drop
by. If not, it’ll be safe to come back Monday, 12/31 for a nice, normal
(or as normal as it gets around here) weekly news post. 
As for this week, the blog will run as usual, and here’s what I really need to get done: 
– Finish & publish Cold Feet anthology
– Christmas cards
– Scenes for my two drafts in progress
– Finish the last of the gift buying/making
– Wrap everything up (by which I mean place gifts in nice bags with lovely tissue paper)
– Finalize plans for both writing and publishing in 2013
– Finalize resolutions
– Finalize preliminary daily schedule for 2013
– Clean out/declutter bedroom
– Work on non-fiction project for the new year 
that’s it. A *lot* of planning and plotting this week, but it’s
tradition for me – and a good, centering one at that. My mind likes
order, even if it’s all in my head.  
Here’s to a productive, merry week for us all!

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