On Dog Vaccines, Weeds, & The Weekly List…

I took today off from the day job, originally to take Mica-dog in
for his rabies vaccination. It’s a decision I’ve been struggling with
for a lot of reasons – he has bad allergies that we’re just finally
getting a handle on, and he was given the one-year rabies shot last
summer, which is the exact same thing as the three-year shot (google it –
it’s pretty common knowledge anymore, so I don’t know why *anyone*
would do the 1-yr shot), which means vaccinating him now will be
over-vaccinating, for sure. Add to that the fact that a lot of the
health problems we’ve been working on “fixing” for him in the 10 months
since we adopted him are commonly associated with reactions to the
rabies vaccine specifically, and you have a very nervous owner when the
shot comes due again. 

Yes, rabies is a very serious, untreatable disease in dogs, and
very hard to treat disease in humans. I get that. And I’m all for
vaccinations in puppies – the risk of disease outweighs the risk of side
effects at that point. But legally requiring a booster shot that may
not be in the best interest of the adult animal just totally rubs me the
wrong way. Especially since studies have been done overseas that prove
the shot is effective for at least 5, and maybe 7 years. At the very
least, the legal requirement should be changed to allow 5 years between
shots, and exemptions for animals who react to it (some states have that
– our county doesn’t). 

Yes, we will be getting Mica the booster for rabies because I don’t
want him to be impounded or euthanized without due process if the
“worst case scenario” happens (and that’s what the law will require).
But I’m going to wait until our vet can order in the mercury-free
version of the vaccine…it’s still risky with his issues, but it’s less
toxic than the normal shot. Neither of my dogs get any of the other
vaccines any longer – they were vaccinated young, and they’re house
dogs. The risks of over-vaccinating aren’t worth it for their exposure
level and age. It would be fantastic if the labs would work on creating
safer vaccines…for both dogs and humans, but I doubt that will

In any case, I already had the day off, so I decided to keep it.
And here I sit on the couch, having a nice, quiet morning with the back
door propped open so the dogs can come and go in the back yard at will.
Can’t think of a much better way to start the week, really. 

As for my weekend…it was really lazy. I should have been outside
working in the gardens, but it seems like it’s either hot or raining
here anymore…there’s rarely a middle ground where it’s comfortable to
be out. Seriously annoying, and with all the rain, the weeds are
flourishing, dang it. Honestly. I love beautiful gardens and growing
things, but this just feels like an exercise in futility. There’s a
reason I tend to prefer fall and winter to summer. I’m hoping this week
we’ll have some decent weather in the evenings so I can get out there
and work. If not for the nicer-looking gardens, at least for the good
calorie burn. 

So what’s on “The List” for this week? Pretty standard fare, really. A lot of writing, and a little of everything else: 

– 3 serial installments
– Finish whichever draft I can get finished
– More cover art (I need three more covers soon)
– Edits to a short story releasing later this month
– Catch up with BSB accounting
– Start a crochet gift project
– Catch up with some projects I’m behind on at the day job 
– Plan out which drafts to start once these are finished

That’s pretty much it, really. It’ll be a good week, I think. Here’s to finishing more stories!  

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