On Doing Too Much, Newsletters & Other Mundane Stuff…

on this whole winter thing. I’m over it. I want sunshine, and warmth,
and green grass and my tulips, who have been snowed on twice now since
they came up, and I fear they aren’t going to bloom at all this year,
poor things.

week was semi-productive, but also very introspective, and I had to
admit that once again, I’m trying to do too much. I had this awesome
idea to add a short story to every monthly newsletter, but then I got
hung up on the story for the newsletter, and before long, I was getting
behind on all my other writing. And since I’m pretty strict on making
sure the serial chapters get done every week (and I have four serial
stories to stay on top of, one of which was on hiatus for a couple
weeks), I’m also working on a couple of other drafts “behind the scenes”
that I really, really want to finish this year. And that’s not going to
happen if I don’t ditch the whole newsletter short story idea and just
stick to the plan I made at the beginning of the year.

sucks to have to do that, but while some writers have no issue getting
up early to lay down a few words before work and/or coming home
afterwards and putting in several hours of writing per night, that’s
just not how I want my life to be sculpted. I need variety, I need down
time, I need time to work on the business side of things, and I need
time away from the screen altogether. So basically what I’m saying is,
I’m not dedicated enough to make writing my whole life outside of work.
And for those who might think I’m being “down” on my self, fear not – 
I’m perfectly okay with that decision, though I realize it’s not a
popular one among the more driven set.

No one’s ever accused me of being a workaholic (doing too much, yes, but rarely of just one thing – which is good, IMO). 

any case, I’ve decided the newsletters will contain excerpts from
things I’ve been working on through the month rather than a complete
short story, and that will have to be enough for now. I need to rein
myself in, so to speak, and focus. I’m kind of hoping that if I do that,
I’ll be able to get ahead on the serial stories as well, and finish
them faster than they appear online…which will be handy in the fall
when I tend to be busier overall.

Planning ahead. I know, I know…novel idea (pun totally intended).

spent most of my weekend crocheting (got another order for baby
booties, and got those partially done) and Sunday was my mother-in-law’s
birthday, so we celebrated that, and I contemplated all the stuff I had
to do while doing pretty much nothing last night (I finally picked up
my knitting just to feel productive for an hour). Some days are like
that…just gotta roll with ’em.

week I have another full schedule – lots to do at work, lots of writing
to catch up on, a new serial story to start, a print book to format and
upload, and those booties to finish so I can get them sent off. But it
shouldn’t be a particularly stressful week, just busy, and ultimately
satisfying if I can check all that off the list.

course, I do need to start thinking about taxes soon…which means
there’s a *lot* of bookkeeping in my immediate future… *sigh*

Once more into the fray, dear friends. Glad to have you along with me.

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One comment on “On Doing Too Much, Newsletters & Other Mundane Stuff…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, first I want to address the taxes. Better you than me. How is that for support? Really, I hope you can get all of that done soon. I know what a drag it can be.

    Now, the comment about not being a “dedicated enough” writer. That is happy “horse pucky” and you know it. I heard what you said about not being down on yourself and I totally believe it but you are a VERY dedicated writer. No one ever said that writers have to spend their lives writing and nothing else, except maybe drinking coffee. If someone chooses to spend their lives only writing and/or spending every free minute writing well that is certainly their perogative but that doesn’t make them any more dedicated to their craft than you are. It just means that is their choice. You choose to have a life that includes writing, but that does not mean that you are not dedicated.

    As for spring arriving well, I can’t offer any insights as to when that might be. I will just seen warm thoughts and hope for the best.