On Event Organizing, Knitting & Web Site Updates…

I’m pretty bleary-eyed as I write this…it’s been a really long
weekend full of work, work and more work. Next time I decide to host a
big blog party (speaking of the Month O’Screams event on my alter-ego’s blog)? Just shoot me, K? That’ll be less painful.

to be clear, this has nothing to do with the other authors, who have
all been great and are sending me wonderful material to work with. No,
this is about my Type A (I don’t admit that often, so make a note)
personality and having to do things “just so” or not at all. Thing is,
that doesn’t apply to *everything*, just things I’m organizing. Because
organization = efficiency, and that equals less work. Most of the time,

In any case, the reason
this blog event is kicking my butt is because I wasn’t organized to
begin with, before it even started. I decided to do it on a whim, and
that’s never a good idea (but it is sometimes the only way to get
something done – and the best way to learn what works/what doesn’t). The
good news is, Alex’s visibility is rising, so it’s working as far as
that goes (from 64 post views per day to 200 per day in one week – for comparison, VP here gets around 600 post views per day). And after it’s all over, I’ll write a post over
on the book biz blog explaining what I did, what’s working and what’s
not. And what I’ll do differently next time (yeah, I know what I said
above, but despite my complaining, it’ll be fun once I have the details
worked out, and it’s great for visibility *and* meeting other
authors/finding great new books in your genre).

that means there will be similar blog events coming to my other blogs
eventually as well. It’ll be fun (she says, hoping that’s the truth)!

What else is going on? Well, I
did take a few hours to do some housework yesterday, which is good
because my butt was tired of being sat on, and since I skipped it the
week before, the house really needed a basic level of cleaning. And I’ve
been proofing more audio files – horror/suspense stories at the moment,
but Deadly Chai is also in production, English Breakfast will be listed soon, and I’m thinking about putting The Biker’s Wench up for narration as well.

far as the knitted Christmas gifts I have going, I’m going to have to
either knit a lot faster, or use a lot bigger needles to get everything
done. Knitting seems to take me a lot longer than crochet, even though I
don’t think I’m working too much slower. Smaller stitches, though. One
surprising thing about knitting is that it takes less yarn than crochet,
which gives me hope that I might eventually be able to turn the two
lovely skeins of mint green yarn in my stash into a sweater someday…

for my list last week, I got quite a bit done, but not nearly what I’d
hoped. The big thing I did Saturday was to update several of my web
sites that were direly in need of updating – JamieDeBree.com, BrazenSnakeBooks.com, and AlexWesthaven.com. I also updated the BSB store,
which was only slightly out of date (and could still use some work).
Yes, it did take me most of the day, but everything is much better now. I
still need to update my second alter-ego’s site, this blog, and decide
what I’m going to do with the Fantasy Ranch site and blog. I think I may
take those down, at least for now…readers can find my Fantasy Ranch
books at several of my other sites, and I won’t be working on that
series again for awhile at least. But given the blog party work and
audio stuff, those will wait until next month.

week, another long list, but I should be able to spread it out a bit so
it doesn’t seem quite so monumental. That’s the plan, anyways. One step
at a time…

– Scenes for my two blog serial stories, plus a scene for Dunning Manor on Friday
– Finish the last Halloween holiday serial story, start one of the Thanksgiving stories
– Flash fiction horror story for Friday
– Do the edits for LC (kinda forgot about that last week!)
– Two blog posts for the Month O’Screams party (no, I haven’t written mine yet – getting there!)
– Formatting & uploading print copies for my last two horror shorts
– Audio proofing for 2 horror stories (tonight!)
– Promo/sharing for the MOS event
– Giveaway drawing Friday (MOS)
– Stop everything and knit while watching TV for one hour per night this week (seriously)
– Crochet two more afghan squares this coming weekend

that’s it. There’s more that I *want* to do, but this is what *needs*
to be done, so I’ll focus on these and call it good. Everything else
will still be waiting next week…it’s not like work ever really goes
away, right?

Here’s hoping this week is calm, organized and on the right side of Murphy’s Law…

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