On Feet, Creativity & Southern Suspense…

As I write this, it’s Sunday night and I’m all too cognizant of my
feet at the moment. They’re cold due to the A/C, but I also managed to
sprain a muscle across the ball of my foot somehow when I was watering
plants today. Yes, I know. Weirdest sprain ever. The thing is, because
my feet are cold, I keep flexing them, which pulls against the
strain/sprain/whatever. Yes, I have a blanket over my feet, but socks
might be a better option…

Hopefully by the time you read this, my foot will have relaxed
itself. Monday means dress shoes – not exactly optimal for rebellious
foot muscles. 

In any case, I didn’t get nearly as much stuff done last week as
I’d hoped to, but I did figure out that one of the reasons (aside from
just laziness and general hatred) I was having so much trouble revising
the latest Fantasy Ranch draft is because I wasn’t actively writing
anything new. I know some writers have to focus on just one thing at a
time, but for me, my brain doesn’t work right unless I’m…well,
purging, for lack of a better word, all the creative thoughts that flit
through my head. If I don’t write, I start drifting farther into my own
head, and mental fantasies that aren’t necessarily healthy. I think it’s
just because my mind gets bored, and needs something stimulating to
keep it busy and happy. When I’m writing, it gets that stuff out of my
head, instead of letting it swirl around and use valuable brain power
that I could be using for other things (like, say, revising finished

Once I started working on another draft, I could focus again, and
made a lot of good progress on revisions. Weird, and maybe even a little
messed up, but whatever works, right? 

Creativity is an odd and interesting thing. When it’s not being completely annoying. 

Which is why I’m starting a new serial draft this week. I’ll be posting weekly installments of Jasmine Betrayal,
the next BeauTEAful Summer story starting this Friday. Thanks to Carol
& Ardee-Ann who were so kind as to offer me suggestions for
characters and setting last week, I’m going to attempt to write a
Southern romantic suspense short story…and hopefully I won’t foul it
up too badly (I’ve never been in the South, though I’ve read a lot of
stories set there). Without further ado, here’s the cast and the setting
the story will start with: 

Heroine: Genevieve Morano
Hero: Max Westlake
Setting: Morano’s Diner just outside Little Rock, Arkansas

And just that much was enough to tell me who Genevieve and Max are,
their goals, backgrounds, the main issue between them and how this is
all going to start. So thank you, ladies! I’m excited to get started on
this right away, and I think you’re going to like what I’m seeing for
these two! 

What else am I up to this week? Let’s see…

– Create 2 covers (this is an absolute must!)
– Edits to English Breakfast (back from the editor!)
– Finish the revisions to THD (get it done!)
– Draft another holiday serial story (did one last week)
– Start Jasmine Betrayal
– Another scene for a pen name serial
– Catch up on laundry
– Couple more crochet squares
– Web site updates

That is more than enough, methinks. Now, I propose a toast. Ladies
& gentlemen, please lift a glass for the happily ever after of
Genevieve & Max. May they find love under the threat of death…

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2 comments on “On Feet, Creativity & Southern Suspense…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Woo hoo!!!! I can’t wait to read about the adventures of Genevieve and Max. This will be such fun. In the meantime I simply must pick up some Jasmine tea to sip while I read the story as it plays out. Since I started thinking about this story I have been wanting Jasmine Tea and smelling the Night Blooming Jasmine in my memory.

    It’s funny that the Chai story put me in a serious mood for Chai but for some reason the English Breakfast tea story didn’t have the same effect and English Breakfast tea is one of my favorites. Oh well, when the nippy winds of autumn arrive (in November) I will be searching out some English breakfast tea while thinking of Karen and Patrick. Cheers, Ardee-ann

  2. Carol

    Hooray for a new serial! Can’t wait to start reading this one!

    Hope your foot feels better soon and stops distracting you so you get lots of writing done! 🙂