On Fences, Yard Work & the Return of Serial Stories…

We finally had good weather this weekend –
hooray! Spring may actually show up after all, which is good, because
next weekend the guys will be here to pull out our old fence and set the
posts for a lovely new dark green wood-look vinyl fence across the back
of our yard. We’ve been waiting for a couple years just so we could
afford the fence we truly wanted, rather than basic shiny white/tan
vinyl, so this is a pretty big deal. It costs more, but it’s going to
look absolutely awesome. 

As you can see above, we currently have 4 foot chain link out there, with red plastic
privacy slats through it and tan lattice attached to the top to raise
the height enough that Lucy-dog can’t jump it. So yeah. The new fence
will be a major improvement. Our neighbors might even celebrate.
any case, while we were out cleaning up the fence line this weekend, we
did some more planning on how to reclaim/renovate the back yard, which
has fallen into embarrassingly poor condition what with all the other
stuff we’ve been focused on for the last few years. The list is long,
and includes replacing the greenhouse panels, evening out the yard and
putting sod down, ripping out mulched areas for grass, and rejuvinating
our rock river planter and fountain in the garden. Oh, and we need to
plant a couple trees for shade too. Ornamental trees, at that. Plus new
raised beds for growing veggies with ornamental grasses in between. It’s
gonna be gorgeous when we’re done with it…but a lot of work, of
So a good time in the yard this
weekend – and the dogs got plenty of yard time too, which seems to have
worn the poor things out. Tired dogs are good dogs…
week was a good writing week. It took a couple days, but I finally
managed to get back into my normal writing groove and it felt really
good. Then I got to Friday – excerpt day on all three of my blogs, and I
was trying to figure out what to do with The Drafting Desk blog, and
long story short, I decided to start serializing stories on my main
blogs again. It just seemed silly to post daily excerpts at the Drafting
Desk and not post the whole story…but also odd to post all those
drafts in one place, when they could be on blogs for readers interested
in specific types of stories. 
So Fridays are once again serial fiction days here at The Variety Pages, at TrinityMarlow.com (NSFW) and at AlexWesthaven.com.
I’m working on a sci-fi/soft fantasy story at the moment as well…if
you’re interested in reading that in serial form, let me know and I’ll
start up a blog for my new pen name to serialize that as well. 
As for The Drafting Desk,
I’ve turned it into a personal writing journal. Five nights a week,
I’ll post a quick entry regarding how much I wrote, what I was working
on, and a few thoughts about the day’s writing sessions as I go. I doubt
it will be of interest to anyone but other writers, but it is public if
you’re interested in what I happen to be working on any given
What’s on the schedule for this week? Let’s see…
– Normal daily writing sessions
– One section of a non-fiction organizing guide
– Read through of a friend’s manuscript
– Cover art for said manuscript
– Finish cleaning up the old fence/fence line before the fun starts Friday morning
– Workout x2
– Finish up a crochet gift I’m working on

That’s it for me…here’s to another week “in the groove”, eh?

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