On Fermenting Food, Super Glue & Lamb’s Ears…

Top o’ the week to ya! Or something like that, considering it’s
Monday and most of us are back to work, whether at home or at the office
(both for me, the latter first). Hopefully you all had a good weekend.
Mine got off to a pretty rocky start with the Friday from hell (I know,
right? Seriously weird.), but Saturday and Sunday turned out to be good

One of the myriad of annoying things that happened on Friday was
that I clogged the kitchen drain up with the perfect storm of tea leaves
& eggshells again. It’s the second time I’ve done that, because I
can’t seem to always remember to run the disposal after peeling
hard-boiled eggs, something had to be done. Hubby is not fond of
plumbing in the least, and he’s tired of taking the pipes under there
apart so I can clean them out. I can’t say I blame him. 

So I decided it was time to get serious about the whole composting
thing. I have two compost bins, but they’re just trash cans with holes,
and I don’t turn them because they’re heavy, so they’re basically cold
piles that take forever to break down. That really doesn’t work well for
kitchen scraps. I needed a compost tumbler, and Friday I ordered one,
along with a collection pail for the counter and compostable liner bags.
Then I started reading about composting to refresh my memory, and came
across the concept of Bokashi composting – specifically for dealing with kitchen scraps.

Bokashi isn’t really composting though – it’s fermenting/pickling
the scraps and then either burying them in the ground to finish
composting, or adding them to a compost pile/tumbler. But it does speed
the process up, and due to the anaerobic nature of it, it kills all
sorts of pathogens regular compost doesn’t, so you can compost things
like bread/meat/dairy that you normally wouldn’t/couldn’t throw on a
garden compost pile. Sounds good to me!

So I spent about 10 minutes this weekend making bokashi buckets –
drilling holes in a couple of 2 gallon buckets, and then placing them in
buckets without holes to create a draining bucket system. Rocket
science, I know. I’m considering covering the outer buckets in some of
that cool patterned duct tape just to make the whole thing a bit
less…white. White is boring.

Other projects this week included super-gluing my fingers together
fixing a broken cast iron windmill – part of my miniature smurf village
that is still more “random pieces” than village. I even wrote up a
short blog post about it on the not-quite-going-yet Blue Crew blog.
And I also divided this leggy patch of lamb’s ear so my mom could take
some of the cute & cuddly weeds over to her house. Spread the fuzzy,
I say!

This sparked a lively conversation on Facebook, of course, when my
editor/friend didn’t quite realize I was talking about plants. Sometimes
writing in certain genres makes people wary of your underlying motives.
Weird, eh?

Incidentally, I’ve unlinked my Facebook author page and my twitter account.
Why? Because starting in a couple of weeks, I plan to start posting
some content that will be available only on specific platforms (that
applies to Google + too). And that way Twitterers don’t have to click
through to FB, and then to the blog to read posts – they can just go
straight to the blog. Easier, methinks. The links will still feed
automatically to both.

In any case, my weekend was good, and I even managed to keep up
with my writing projects and work a little ahead on the next holiday
serials. So not bad, all in all.

This week, more of the same, hopefully with far sunnier weather:

– 4 serial scenes
– Finish up one holiday serial story
– Start my bokashi fermenting & yard composting adventures
– Update several web sites
– Pay bills *sigh*
– Workout x3
– Finish up the crochet gift that is due by Sunday (yikes!)
– Get a solid (and simple!) plan done for Halloween party
save-the-date cards. I think this might involve a cookie cutter shaped
like a bat (the animal, not the wood kind)…

That’s plenty, methinks. Here’s to lots of sunshine and creativity this week!

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