On Getting Well, Satellite Dishes, & Dark Horses…

sure if you follow me on social media anywhere, you’ll be glad to hear
that my cold is finally receding, if for no other reason than you don’t
have to hear me whine about it anymore. Hooray! And I might even just be
able to keep up with my writing *and* blogging schedules this week,
which would be a vast improvement over last week, eh?

neighbors installed a satellite dish last week. About the same time
(okay, exactly the same day), our phone quit working. Assuming that
during our great freeze and ensuing thaw that water somehow got in the
phone lines (rare, but it occasionally happens), hubby and I decided to
wait a few days to do anything about it. Being sick, I wasn’t exactly
feeling much like troubleshooting phone issues anyways.

any case, we ended up putting it off until Sunday, at which time we
found that it wasn’t actually the line that was noisy, but our cordless
phone system. Took that out, put our old one back in, and voila! The
phone works again. We’re pretty sure the new satellite dish (on the
corner of their roof next to our house) was interfering with the phone
signal on our newer cordless phone, and our older phone works because
it’s on a different frequency.

Dang it. Now we have to be careful what kind of cordless phones we buy in the future. Seriously annoying…

than that, our weekend was pretty innocuous. I still didn’t feel all
that great, so I did a lot of sitting around and crocheting, but I
finished the base afghan for Mica’s dog bed, which felt good. We went to
our local home improvement show too, which is always fun. And the
weather was actually really nice for once, which was *really* fun. Of
course now we’re supposed to get two days of rain/snow, so bummer on
that, but I think spring is trying to sneak up on us, and I’m perfectly
happy to let it.

week when I was too sick to do much of anything, I watched a lot of
music videos on YouTube, and even bought some more songs for my trusty
Zune. Some of the comments on a video that really struck me were for the
Dark Horse video by Katy Perry (yes, I’m a Katy Perry
fan…unapologetically so).  I’d surfed across her performance on the
Grammy’s (and thought it sucked, which disappointed me because she
doesn’t often), so I looked it up on YouTube and after actually being
able to hear the words, decided I really liked the song (and the video
is pretty darn cool, methinks).

any case, in the comments there was a fair amount of “what?” going on,
and murmurs wondering why there wasn’t actually a “dark horse” in the
video, which really made me wonder – do people really not know anymore
that a “dark horse” refers to an unknown entity that comes up out of
nowhere to decimate the competition (more or less)?

taken in context, the song is a sort of battle cry…and a warning not
to take her for granted. It was good mojo for me last week, when I was
feeling very much behind everyone and everything due to my stupid foggy

In any
case, here’s our inspiration for the week. Even if we’re behind, we can
still be the dark horse, and surprise everyone by coming up out of
nowhere…and thanks to Katy, we can do it with a funky beat too…

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