On Green Stuff, Fiber, & Freezer Defrosting…

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Part of why I love the English language so much is all the
idiosyncrasies & double meanings that drive people insane. Take the
title of this post, for instance. If you know me at all, you probably
guessed that today’s post will cover gardening and crochet along with
actual freezer defrosting. If you didn’t know me at all, you might think
I was referring to broccoli, beans, and…well, freezer defrosting
(that’s a bit hard to misinterpret, though there are certainly ways).
Fun with language is good for the brain. So is driving other people

If you guessed that I spent most of Sat/Sun working
in the garden, you’d be right (or you’re friends with me on Facebook).
The project for this long weekend was simple in theory – weed as many of
the flowerbeds/gardens as possible, to get ahead of the enormous
bindweed and grass problems we’ve got here. We also are in the process
of planting the front flowerbeds, and redoing all of the backyard
gardens. So lots of green upheaval going on around here. Needless to
say, the flowerbeds are starting to look…well, better anyways. My
hamstrings are not happy with all the extra work. 
any case, it’s a long weekend for me, so I’m home today, and about a
third of the day will be spent doing…yes, more yard work. I’m a lucky
girl, eh? 
I’ve also been cycling back into
houseplant keeping again, having bought four in the last two weeks. This
is a good sign, as it means I’m finally letting go of my death-grip
obsession with writing and getting back to “normal life”. It also means
that I have new plants to repot and find good spots for…a project that
will start today and run into next week. Fun stuff – I’m enjoying
having tropical plants in the house again. When I’m hyper-focused on
anything, my cacti are the only plants that survive. 
also finished a crochet gift this weekend, and I need to start another
one tonight to match. Two weeks to go, so I’d better get moving on it!
I’m going to use a new stitch I learned watching youtube videos – the
star stitch. Hopefully it will go well, and work up quickly. Want to see
the crochet projects I’ve been working on? Visit Hookin’ It for the two I’ve done this year (more to come)… 
you ever leave something in your freezer so long that the ice built up
on the shelf around it and you couldn’t get it out? If not, well…um,
I think it might have been the first
or second year after we moved in here that my mom sent over a container
of pumpkin squares for one of our Halloween parties. In the hustle and
bustle of pre-party-prep, they were forgotten, and ended up in the
freezer. We’ve lived here 8…going on 9 years now. 
That container is still in my deep freeze downstairs, frozen to the top shelf in a 2 inch thick sheet of freezer-frost ice. 
to say, I’ve been meaning to defrost the freezer for several years now,
and just never quite got around to it. It takes a bit of planning to
defrost a freezer – because everything in there that needs to be kept
needs to be moved to the freezer under the fridge – which also needs to
be cleaned out, not that that leaves enough room. 
that’s a priority on my to-do list today. First thing, I’m going to
clean out and start the deep freeze defrosting. It should be done
sometime late in the afternoon, I’d think. Not only will I gain the use
of that upper shelf back, I’ll also gain some room from foods that have
just been in there too long to be good anymore. Win-win, though it’s a
lot of work. 
What else am I up to on my
“vacation” day? Well, hubby has to work, so it’s just me, and I might as
well make the most of it, right? 
– Defrost freezer
– Finish weeding gardens
– Write a short (2k) story due tonight
– Write Tuesday’s serial scene
– Basic housecleaning (normally done Sundays, but I was busy with yardwork)
– Start new crochet project
– Catch up on one comic book series
– Pay bills
As for the rest of the week, it should be pretty normal, I think: 
– Write three more serial scenes
– Work on non-fic guide
– Send books to GR contest winners
– Update websites
– Work on crochet project
– Workout x2 (the weeding counts, dang it!)
– Get caught up on my comic book reading

So here’s to long, productive holiday weekends, and short work-weeks where nothing much happens.

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