On Halloween, NaNoWriMo & Blog Changes…

Prompt o’ the Week: A cell phone is
inadvertently left on a counter, and the owner doesn’t retrieve it until
the end of the day. Three days later, an alarm goes off for a meeting
the owner doesn’t remember scheduling, with an unfamiliar name

It’s odd, isn’t it, that while Hurricane Sandy is bringing insanely
bad weather and dangerous conditions to the eastern seaboard here in
the US (please stay safe, east coast friends!), the weather pattern is
large enough that it’s actually affecting our weather here in Montana.
Which means while those poor people are trying not to drown, we’re
enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures this week – 55-60 degrees all week long,
with a slight chance of rain. Weather is wacky…

It also means Halloween night should be a very good one for
haunting trick-or-treaters…yay! We got the graveyard started
yesterday, and already have people driving by just to check it out. My
husband and I both have Weds and Thurs off work so that Wednesday, we
can put all the big props (read: really cool stuff we absolutely don’t
want stolen) out and get the fog machines turned on in time, etc. And
Thursday will be tear-down day, of course. Tonight, we’ll be headed to
Costco for candy and ice (for the fog chiller)…

Thursday, of course, is November 1st, and the start of National Novel Writing Month
(NaNoWriMo – my username is “outofwords” if you want to look me up!). I
skipped it last year in favor of finishing up some other writing
projects I had going, but I missed it. A lot. The sense of community and
the personal challenge to write more than I’m normally comfortable with
is just an incredible thing, and a good way to get a book done far more
quickly than I normally would (even if it does mean more editing on the
back end, though my personal challenge is to write as well as possible
while writing quickly). So I’m back in this year, which means changes
not only to my writing/publishing schedule, but also to the blog

In order to serialize my NaNo novel (because we all know I write
more consistently when people might be reading), and *not* overwhelm
this poor blog, I’ve created a whole ‘nuther blog just for the draft,
called The Drafting Desk.
Now I don’t normally write *every* day during NaNo, but I do write most
of them, so that blog will be seriously hopping for the next month. I
will serialize the entirety of my NaNo novel there, so if you want to
read along, that’s where to go. I’ll post a once weekly list of
installments *here*, so it’s not overwhelming, but still easy to find if
you want to catch up once a week or whatever.

The Handyman’s Harem Girl will still be in draft on the Fantasy Ranch blog. Fit to be Chai-ed
should be finished with Wednesday’s installment, and my two pen name
serials will continue on their respective blogs until they’re finished.
After the current serials are complete, I won’t be starting new serials
until January. In December I’ll have quite a few books to edit/publish,
including an anthology to put together, so January seems like a better
time to start drafting again. 

The Variety Pages will still feature my weekly
news posts, and I’d really like to get the weekly recommended read going
as well. I’m also determined to make it a “hub” for my other blogs,
with a weekly link list. The rest of the days will just be open for
whatever – if I feel like posting about something, I will, if not, I
won’t. Depends on how busy I am.

So then, as of this week, the new schedule for this blog is:

Monday: News/goals/prompt post
Wednesday: Recommended Read
Friday: Network News (link list from my other blogs)

So what am I up to this week? A *lot*, with the whole holiday/NaNo thing coming up:

– Finish Chai-ed serial, send to editor (who will also be busy with NaNo, but might need a break here and there)
– Work feverishly to possibly finish the horror serial by Weds (since it’s Halloween themed)
– Installment for my erotica serial
– Edit/upload a horror short to release on Halloween Day (Yikes! How did I lose track of that until now?)
– Fill treat bags for trick-or-treaters (helps us keep count of how many we get)
– Run the graveyard Weds night, tear down Thurs and restore house to normal order
– Start NaNo novel, get as far ahead as possible (good strategy tip: write more at the beginning when you’re fresh!)
– Start working out again (finally)
– Go shopping for the new dog after payday (he needs tags, a
collar, training collar, leash, and a thin crate pad or blanket since he
doesn’t seem to like dog beds)
– Register both dogs with the city (Lucy’s is expiring, Dakota needs his in my name)
– Vote absentee! (better do that tonight or tomorrow, and get it done, since I keep forgetting)

Busy busy! But good busy. Productive busy. The kind of busy I like.

Are you doing NaNo this year? Are you brave enough to conquer my
captcha (sorry, my blog platform doesn’t allow me to turn it off, dang
it) and tell me about it?

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One comment on “On Halloween, NaNoWriMo & Blog Changes…

  1. Ardee-ann

    Jamie, you have quite the week planned. You go girl!!! I wish you well with NaNoWriMo and I will try to keep up with your draft. I keep falling behind in my reading. I hate that because I LOVE your stories. I wish you well as you get everything accomplished this week. You are an amazing woman. Have a good one, Ardee-ann