On Handkerchiefs…

I went through a lot of tissues in November – most of it for my watery eyes. When my eyes finally started feeling more normal again, I kept finding tissues in my pants pockets – remnants that I’d forgotten to toss out. Of course by last week I’d stopped carrying extra tissues again, so when the occasional watery eye happened (or when I was trying to put eye drops in at work), I wouldn’t have anything to blot the moisture with.

Which got me thinking about handkerchiefs. I started wondering why no one uses them anymore, except my grandpa (who uses bandannas, but same diff.), and one of the guys at work I occasionally see with one. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman using a handkerchief, not even at a wedding or formal affair.

Naturally, I did an internet search wherein I found all sorts of different answers to the question, but it seems like the main reason women don’t use them anymore is a fear of germs. Which is somewhat amusing, considering all the women I see pulling a disposable tissue out of their purse and then putting it back in after they’ve used it to blow their nose or that of their child’s. Seems to me like fabric would work a lot better at “containment” in that situation than thin tissue. And it’s certainly no worse to put through the wash than one’s skivvies…

In any case, here’s one of the links I found most interesting – read the comments to get the whole convo:


All things considered, including how much tissue I go through just for eye “stuff” and light allergy snuffling, I do believe I’m going to get myself some nice handkerchiefs and start carrying them regularly. If nothing else, I’ll always have something to clean my glasses with. Not to mention dealing with the whole eye drop mess without having to use rough toilet paper from the restroom to blot up the excess moisture. If I have enough to carry a couple each day (purse & pocket), I should be covered. We’ll see how it goes.

I think while I’m at it, I might move to cloth napkins for meals as well. Hubby doesn’t like them, but I could switch fairly easily, I think. The less paper tossed out, the better, since there’s no reason I can’t deal with a bit of extra laundry per week.

It’s early Monday morning (1:00am) as I type this, as usual, and I have a sick dog again, so I’d best schedule this before he needs to go out again. Who knows what he got this time – it’s absolutely amazing just how little it takes to make poor Mica sick. Thank goodness it’s warmer tonight, though still cool enough at 35(f).

Hopefully he’ll be sleeping peacefully soon so I can too…

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