On Hyper-Focus, Deadlines & Holiday Schedules…

I just spent the entire weekend crocheting – and that includes Friday night. All Christmas gifts, of course, and since I’m way behind/should have started earlier, I needed to really focus on reaching certain points in projects this weekend to ensure I’d be able to finish by Christmas. 

I whine and complain like everyone else that there’s not enough time, what was I thinking, etc…but the truth is, there aren’t many crafters out there who will actually be finished with every gift item on their list until at least a week before the holiday, and many of us will still be working frantically on Christmas eve to finish up those last-minute projects. It’s tradition, of a sort. Though one I hope to do away with next year, with a lot more careful planning and working throughout the year. The homemade gifts idea was a whim, so I did get a rather late start on things. Even so, I think it’ll all turn out pretty well in the end. 
Christmas is an immovable deadline, of course, hence the last-minute panic. I still have two more serial story installments to finish for Christmas Day as well, so I’ll be really focusing on getting those done this week, along with my normal weekly serial scenes. That’s probably going to require some hyper-focus as well during my writing sessions, and if I don’t get them done, next weekend too. 
Fortunately for me (not necessarily for readers), publishing dates are movable deadlines, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to move the deadline for The Holiday Pact stories yet again. I was going to try to get them all formatted and released between Christmas and New Year’s, but with all the gifts I still have to finish, that’s just not going to get done in time. Plus they still need to be finished & edited, and there’s no time for that either. 
So they’ll come out sometime early in January, after I can spend the necessary time getting them all gussied-up for you. In the meantime, the final installments will be posted Christmas Day on all three blogs, for those reading along with the drafts. 
I didn’t realize until last Friday that I’d actually missed posting the books post on Wednesday of last week, but it’s because of these projects I’m working on. I don’t see anything changing this week, since I still have a lot to get done, and the following Weds. is Christmas, and the one after that is New Year’s. So I’m going to suspend the Talkin’ Books posts until after the first of the year…then we’ll get back to discussing reading material. 
It’s 1am, and I’m tired and have to work tomorrow, so I’d better finish this up and get some sleep. What all do I need to get done this week? Let’s see…
– Scenes for all three weekly serial stories
– Finish the holiday serial installments
– Finish all scarves needed for gifts
– Finish the afghan I’m working on
– Wrap all gifts (next weekend)
– Create a draft business plan for next year
– A couple projects at work that I really want to wrap up, so to speak. 
That’s more than enough, and probably more than I have time for, but it’s all gotta be done (aside from the business plan, so that might wait another week). I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re working on to get ready for Christmas, that everything is going smoothly! 

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2 comments on “On Hyper-Focus, Deadlines & Holiday Schedules…

  1. Carol

    I actually did notice the missing post on Wednesday, but who has time to read this close to Christmas? 😉

    As for the Holiday Pact . . . there’ plenty of time for editing, but the stories need to be finished first. LOL

    Good luck on all your projects this week!

  2. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, sending some extra energy so you can plow through this week. It sounds like it will be a doozy. Good luck, Ardee-ann