On Inkless Printers, The Holiday Pact, & Lights Out…

week dawns…and I am not at the day job. It’s President’s Day, which
is a federal holiday and thus all good little government workers like me
get the day off. Of course as I write this, it’s a little after
midnight, which is about the time I’m normally getting my Monday posts
done when I do have to work. The thing is, I tend to get moving later in
the day at home (duh!), so I have to plan accordingly if I’m going to
actually get anything done on my days off. The old adage is true,
unfortunately…the busier you are, the more you get done. An object in
motion stays in motion, and all that. None of which makes me any more
willing to get up at 6am when I don’t absolutely have to. I’ll be up at
7am tomorrow though…still gotta get the hubby up and moving, since the
poor man has to work. And since I do have a lot of things I want to get
done tomorrow, no point in going back to bed. 

contrast, last night (uh, Saturday night), I didn’t go to bed until
nearly 4am Sunday morning, and I got up around 11am. That’s more the
normal schedule I’d keep if I were home all the time. Funny how that
works, eh?

list progress last week was dismal at best…just one of those weeks.
But I did get a special order crochet project nearly finished (it’ll be
finished either today or later this week), and it occurred to me that I
need to attach information about the type of fiber it is and how to
clean it when I do any kind of project to give or sell. Which means I
either need to hook up our printer (which has been sitting idle
for…probably over a year now – we seldom print anything out), or
design cards and have them printed somewhere like Vista Print or
MooCards (which is my preferred card printer for business cards). It
would be cheaper/more efficient to hook up the ol’ printer and design
some simple generic cards myself that can be customized by project(s),
given that I don’t need hundreds of the same card.

Alas, I’m worried the ink in our printer won’t be good anymore…and ink is expensive. Which reminds me of these cool craft printers
I saw at the craft store last weekend – they’re inkless, and you just
use paper/label cartridges with ink already embedded. Expensive, but
genius, really.

I think I’ll
probably just be hooking our printer up tomorrow and buying new ink on
payday, but you know me and gadgets. If I can just figure out how to
write one of those inkless printers off as a business expense…

upside of having the printer working again is that I’ll be able to
print out coupons local stores email me – a handy thing, since somehow
they don’t want to accept the digital version, even though that’s how I
got it. Why is that, anyways?

In other news, if you missed it, Mr. Mysterious was
released last Friday and will be .99 through the end of today, at which
point it goes up to $1.99. I was hoping to have the collected Holiday Pact
stories ready for release today, but I didn’t quite get the time to
format it this weekend. But it’ll be up soon – maybe even by tomorrow,
as formatting and distribution are on today’s list. Told ya I had a lot
to do today.

you see me wandering aimlessly around social media at some point today,
do me a favor and ask me if I replaced my burned out light bulb in the
bathroom. I’m horrible about doing that…so bad that we have a
florescent light fixture in the kitchen with a bad ballast, and after
more years than I can remember (over two, at least), we still haven’t
done anything to fix it. Between the light above the sink, the light
above the stove and the other florescent fixture at the end of the
kitchen, it’s just not a priority, vampire that I am. It took me weeks
to remember to replace the burnt out bulb here in our home office, and
I’m pretty sure there’s another one I need to replace, but I can’t for
the life of me remember where right now. Maybe it’ll come to me while
I’m replacing the one in the bathroom, eh? 

any case, when I’m not formatting books, providing my own tech support
or changing light bulbs today, I’ll be working on new scenes for MacKenzie Saves the World and Under His Wing,
and doing the chores I kind of put off this weekend. Glamorous, I know.
I might read a comic book or two as well, just to mix it up a bit. Walk
on the wild side.
Here’s to
days off work, spring just around the corner and printers that take pity
on their owners and work right away when plugged in (hey, one can hope,

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