On Journals, Uncooperative Stories & Dog Sweaters…

All ready for the new week? Me neither. So we’ll just dive in headfirst and hope for the best, shall we? 

I set up three new blogs last week. Depending how
well you know me, you’re probably either shaking your head or shrugging
your shoulders. The new blogs aren’t really meant to be “blogs” so much
though. More like online journals for certain activities I enjoy –
namely, crocheting, Smurf collecting & stamp collecting. Actually,
that’s probably closer to the original definition of a blog than what we
commonly think of them now – “blog” = “web log”…or in this case,
project journals wherein I plan to keep track of projects &
collections. Honestly, that’s more what my tea & nail blogs are
too…just journals where I keep track of notes and things I’ve done.
They are on a schedule, but the new blogs won’t be – it may be days or
weeks between posts, but it doesn’t matter because it’s just a place to
keep track. 
I keep thinking that I don’t keep
journals anymore – and I don’t, if you consider a journal the paper and
pen sort of thing. But my blogs serve as my journals, and I think
they’re just as effective. After having my journals read by others
before (when I didn’t exactly authorize it), I never put extremely
personal or negative thoughts on paper anyways, so the form matters less
for me, I think. 
As an aside, did you know my buddy Dolly Garland has online journaling workshops through Kaizen Journaling?
Check it out, if you’re interested in keeping paper journals…she has
all the information you could ever need or want, and makes journaling
look like fun! 
As for my new blogs, they’re
all pretty bare yet, but if you’re interested, you’ll find them linked
up in the “Who/Where Else Am I?” menu above, or you can get to them
through JamieDeBree.com under “Hobbies/Collections”. 
I get any writing done in the midst of all this, you might ask? Yes,
yes I did, actually. Last Monday I was off work, and I actually spent
most of the day working on three separate story drafts. I managed to get
the serial chapters done that needed to be done, and spent the rest of
the week working on that one short story I really wanted to finish up.
Only it hasn’t exactly been in a cooperative mood, which is both
frustrating and annoying. Every time I think I’ll be able to finish it
up, there’s more that has to be said (who doesn’t hate a short story
that doesn’t actually tell the whole story?), or fleshed out, or
added/explored to make the whole thing logical and complete. Add to that
the fact that this week was super-busy at work which leaves me less
brain power to work with at night, and we have a short story that still
isn’t finished. Dang it. 
This week. I’m fervently hoping that this week I can get it finished up and to the editor. I need to move on! 
to my little brain-issues this week, I am almost finished with the
sweater I’m crocheting for Mica though. The body is done, and I just
need to finish up the collar and belly straps to call it complete.
Yesterday I even made a couple of polymer clay bone-shaped buttons for
the straps…I think they’ll be a very cute finishing touch. Once I’m
finished, I’ll post project pictures to the Hookin’ It
blog, if you’re interested. Hopefully that will be finished this week
too. It’s getting cold again…and poor Mica freezes when he has to go
So what else am I working on this week? Let’s see…
– Format & release a recently edited short story
– Finish that uncooperative story
– Two serial scenes
– Finish up Mica’s sweater
– Work on the two other drafts in progress (1 scene each?)
– Input sales info into Quickbooks (I suck so bad at this!)
– Get back to work on the organization project in the basement
more than enough, really. I’ll work on the collections catalogs too if I
get a spare minute or two (or just need a break from other things). 
Here we go, eh? 

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One comment on “On Journals, Uncooperative Stories & Dog Sweaters…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, so sorry your short story is giving you fits. Hopefully it will cooperate this week. Your crocheting project sounds great. I like the sound of the buttons you made for Mica’s sweater. I will have to go check that out. I am trying to keep up with your tea blog because I really like it but I am so bad about keeping up with my reading. Hope your week is smooth sailing. Hugs, Ardee-ann