On Long Days, Plugged Sinuses and Whiny Blog Posts…

How’s *that* for a title on this, the last Monday of the old year?

you may be wondering (or not, if you don’t hang on every word I say and
anxiously watch whatever I do, which is probably safe to assume):

Q) Why wasn’t your blog post up this morning, like normal?
Because I couldn’t focus late last night to write it, and my workday
was…well…Monday, so I skipped my breaks to get stuff done and read
at lunch like I usually do. If it makes you feel better, I didn’t get
any fiction written either. Dang it.

Q) What’s up with the plugged sinuses?
Allergies is my best bet. Or the weather. Or both. Probably allergies.
We (and when I say “we”, I mean “hubby”) vacuumed yesterday for the
first time in three weeks, so a lot of dog hair and dust flying around.

What’s up with the whole whining thing? You survived the day, no one
noticed the lack of blog post, and a new year starts in just over 24
A) I’m human. I
whine. More often than you might think, actually – just ask Carol.
Normally I try to spare blog readers my whiny-side, but today, my
filters are tired and you get…well, this. You’re welcome.

Q) Are you going to post your goals for this week?
No, because someone called me an over-achiever on FB last week, and I’m
contemplating not sharing my weekly goals anymore so people stop
comparing themselves to me and coming up short. It’s either that, or
balance it out with a list of all the stuff I didn’t get done the week
before so folks realize I’m really very lazy and unmotivated a lot of
the time…I haven’t decided yet. But no goal list for this week. Sorry.

Q) So are you making resolutions this year? Are you going to post *those*?
Yes, of course I’m making resolutions. It’s what us over-achievers do,
after all. I’m still debating whether to share them or not. We’ll see.

Q) You really are whiny today, aren’t you?
A) Yes. And it’s driving *me* nuts, so I knew you’d want me to share the nuttiness with you. Because sharing is caring.

You should probably just go do something else now. Like make dinner, or
play with yarn. But don’t strangle anyone. That would be bad. Bail is
A) Was there a question in there?

So tonight, dinner, crochet, TV, and sleep, if my husband doesn’t
strangle me for being grumpy. With any luck, I’ll have shaken off this
funk by tomorrow, and be in far better spirits to start the new year…

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4 comments on “On Long Days, Plugged Sinuses and Whiny Blog Posts…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, I understand you don’t feel good and thus the “hooning” but if someone has an issue with you being an “overachiever” then that is their problem not yours. I can tell you that even though reading your goals and achievements wears me out, I am still INSPIRED! I think you are an amazing woman. I have learned so much from you and I enjoy reveling in what you achieve. I know I am not the only one who does either. Don’t let other people get you down. Be true to yourself and if they can’t keep up then maybe they need to invest in “jet-packs.”(I personally have a few on layaway.) You are awesome. Hugs, Ardee-ann

  2. Jamie DeBree

    You’re such a sweetheart, Ardee-ann. And I hope your dad’s doing better today…

    I don’t think it’s so much that anyone has an “issue” with me, it’s just that you don’t normally call someone an overachiever unless you feel like you don’t measure up to whatever that person’s doing. And you’re right, it is their problem, but at the same time, there have to be ways to inspire people without making them feel badly about their own progress, don’t you think?

    I shall ruminate on it more. In the meantime, I’ll take one of those jet-packs, please… 😉

  3. Carol

    I really want to apologize for the overachiever thing. It was not meant as a criticism, but as a compliment. You’d think as a writer I’d do better with words.

    I love seeing all the things you’re able to accomplish in a day, it’s inspiring, especially when I know you have a demanding day job as well. You’re not an over-achiever, you’re just very focused on what you want and you know how to set your priorities.

    And for the record, I did notice when your blog post didn’t go up as usual and I thought that you were either sick or having a really bad day. I’m sorry if my part in the FB thing the other night added to your already stressful day. 🙁

  4. Jamie DeBree

    No worries, Carol…I knew you were teasing, but the other comment in that thread, about how some people do – that’s 100% true, and it made me sit back and think, is all. A lot, actually (obviously). Maybe too much. 😉

    It’s all good, really. 😀