On Mental Breaks, Blankets & Future Writing Plans…

It’s Sunday night as I write this, and my weekend has largely been
about taking a mental break. Last week was long and mentally taxing all
the way around, and I needed to hit the reset button to get some clarity
of thought. Basically, this means I got very little done over the
weekend, but I have a better outlook on the problems I need to deal with
going forward, which should help. 
I also
picked out some of the items I want to make for gifts by Christmas,
which is a very good thing. Not just because I can get started on them
this week, but because it will help get my yarn stash down to a more
manageable level. 
It may not seem like a big
deal to have an entire hall closet filled with yarn, but as I was doing
laundry this weekend and noting all the blankets laying around waiting
to be washed/dried, I realized that part of the reason I haven’t gotten
that done yet is because I *have nowhere to store them*. We have some
blanket storage in the ottoman downstairs, but a lot of the blankets
that are waiting to be laundered are quilts not used often (made for me
by my grandmother, mostly, so not things I want to give up), blankets
the dogs use (one at a time), or throws for the furniture that get
switched out when others are being washed. Once they’re all clean, where
do I put them? There’s no closet space available, no drawer space, and
the ottoman is already full. 
Long story short,
I really could use that hall linen closet to store all those various
blankets and quilts, along with extra pillows (my husband is a
collector). There’s room in the office and my closet for a smaller stash
of yarn (all of which is full right now), so it’s not like I can’t keep
any yarn at all…but I don’t need an entire closet full, especially
the mish-mash of colors and quantities I have now (largely given to me).
It’s difficult to use up little odds & ends like that (yes, I’m
planning a yarn “quilt” or two from some of them – to give away, of
This is all part of a big house
cleaning/reorganization project I’m planning in a week or so, when my
husband goes off to Vegas with his buddies. Do you find it easier to get
housework done with your spouse out of the house? I do, and I know I’m
not the only one, so with any luck our house will be much cleaner/more
organized by the time my husband returns from his trip. Call it a
birthday gift – he gets back two days before his birthday. Not that it
won’t be a gift for yours truly as well.
week, I finished one of my drafts in progress – the last Fantasy Ranch
story I’ll write for a long time, I think. It needs a lot of revision.
And I nearly finished the draft of the second tea story as well…but it
needs some work before I can finish it. All of that had me thinking
about books, sales, and where I want to focus on next. And I’ve decided
to change directions just a little bit. 
still be writing romantic suspense, but I have an idea for a series of
novels with paranormal elements in them that I’m actually quite excited
about. I won’t be serializing these, at least not at first, but I’m
planning to start working on them in a month or so, and hopefully the
first will be ready to go by January. 
also got a non-fiction series on organizing that I really want to work
on…I think I have a lot of information to share that people might find
useful. So I’ll be working on that as well. 
finally, I have a medieval steampunk type fantasy started that I really
want to finish…it’s part of a series I’m also excited to write. So
those three things will be getting my focus for the next year or so,
though I will still keep writing under my other pen names as well (just
maybe not as often). 
I have a good feeling about this new direction. It’s gonna be a lot of fun! 
So, with all that in mind, here’s my list for this week: 
– Revisions to the short necessary to finish the story
– Finish the short “tea” draft
– Revisions on edited draft for story releasing in two weeks. 
– Read through of novella draft just finished, revision notes
– Start another holiday serial story (or two) 
– Weeding in the evenings
– Start 1 crochet gift
– Work on one more cover
metric ton of writing-related stuff, and a little bit of everything
else just to keep things balanced. Fair enough, eh? Onward, into another

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One comment on “On Mental Breaks, Blankets & Future Writing Plans…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, it sounds like you had a busy weekend even if you felt like you were taking a mental break. I don’t think your brain slowed down very much at all. I will miss the Fantasy Ranch novels but understand that need to take a break there and do some new things. It sounds like THHG got a bit sticky for you. That frustration alone could mean that it is time for a break.

    I wish you well with housework while DH is in Vegas. I’d probably squander my time with tea, chocolate and books but then I am naughty that way.

    I can’t wait to see the new directions your writing will take.