On Militia, Word Shortages & The Creative Mind…

It’s Veteran’s Day here in the states, and a federal holiday at that (which means I’m at home, rather than at work). Of course I’m still starting this shortly after midnight, because I have a lot to get done today as soon as I get up. More on that later…

While I’ve never been in the military, and I’ve personally never had any desire to join up (luckily we have a choice), it’s only natural to be thinking about the men and women who wear that uniform (no matter what “form” it takes) today in the US. You may or may not know that I have a history degree…and my main area of study/interest in college was the American Revolutionary War period, which actually probably reveals a lot about my personal feelings regarding militia and governmental rights/power (or maybe I just think it does…).  
Incidentally, I was also fascinated with the rise and fall of countries in ancient times. And I was one class short of a degree in philosophy. Which probably just tells you what a muddled mess my brain was (and still is)…but I digress. As usual. 
Anyways, my point is, I think very highly of those who serve/have served in our military. They are often asked to do things the average person either can’t or won’t do, and they do it, regardless of their personal views on the matter. That takes a lot of strength and courage, even if they’re the person behind a desk rather than on the front lines. So to all of our veterans and active duty military…I’d salute you, but I’d screw it up, so thank you. I appreciate both the physical and mental sacrifices you make every day. 
On a completely different and less-mushy note, my NaNo draft is coming along nicely, but not nearly as quickly as it should be. Part of that, of course, is a scheduling issue. And a big part of that is a discipline/motivation issue. Those two things are distracting enough that I haven’t even hit 10k words just yet. I should do that today though, if all goes well. Unfortunately, I also still have my two serial stories to write this week’s scenes for, and I normally do that on Monday/Tues so they’re done well in advance of when they need to be. 
Yes, I could have spent more time writing this past weekend. Of course I could have. I normally don’t write at all on the weekends, and I put in a good hour or two each day, so I still call that a success. I’m not anywhere near where I need to be, but according to my husband, if I don’t get 2k words written on it *today*, he’s going to come home and do the “NaNo Nasties” to me, whatever that means. 
But it sounds like it might be fun…  
In any case, it’s now 9:30am (yes, I slept for awhile in there), and I’m up and at’em and ready to go. It’s snowing big, fluffy flakes out my window, a rather beautiful winter scene – I don’t think mother nature got the memo about fall this year, but she’s kind of missed a lot of seasonal memos lately. In any case, I have no where to go and a lot of words to write, so I don’t mind a bit, personally. 
My brain is on serious creative overdrive this month – I think it’s because of NaNo. Or maybe it’s just because last week my mind was so busy with “real life” stuff that the release valve finally just sort of blew open. The result is that I’ve got all sorts of fantasies swirling about in my head…and no, not necessarily *that* kind either (well, maybe a few). Romance, tragedy, murder mysteries, thrilling chases and daring rescues…I’ve even been remembering my dreams for the past week or so, at least long enough to wake up and think about them. It’s pretty crazy, honestly, but it can get in the way of actual productive writing at times too, because I really have to force myself to focus on the story at hand, rather than whichever one is currently on “autoplay” in my head when I sit down to write. Horrible problem to have, isn’t it? 
So then…what’s on the list for today, and the week? Not as much as you might think, actually…
Today’s To-Do’s: 
– Write two serial scenes for Friday (non-NaNo ongoing serials)
– Housework I shrugged off yesterday (vacuuming, take the garbage out)
– Write, write, write on my NaNo novel
– Crochet another square for the afghan I’m working on
This Week: 
– Get a couple work projects caught up
– Write as much on the NaNo draft as possible
– Knit or crochet every evening
– Low-level book promo here and there
Yeah, there should be some Halloween organizing in there somewhere, but if it happens, it happens. It’s November. Noveling month. Certain things can just wait a bit.  
Here’s to a lovely, productive-but-relaxed week ahead! 

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