On New Stories, Tea & Birthdays…

How is it Monday again already? Weird. Time flies when things are
happening, and there’s been a lot going on this past week. It’s kind of
crazy, actually. My apologies for not getting an excerpt up last Friday.
Things at the day job were…odd…and that kind of bled into my
personal life towards the end of the week. I’ll have one up this week
for sure. 

If you’re following the last two remaining serial novels, I did post a new scene for each last week: The Handyman’s Harem Girl | Sleep With Me.
Unfortunately I didn’t finish the short story I’m working on, but I did
get another scene written for that as well. I’m hoping this week will
be more productive for writing.

Thanks to Heidi Sutherlin for providing the last little piece of artwork I needed to finalize the Deadly Chai cover. Deadly Chai is the first short story in the BeauTEAful Summer collection, and will be released on Thursday, Jan. 17th in ebook format. 

Anna’s life as an accountant is pretty mundane – just ask her. One of
the bright spots in her day is stopping in at The Trusty Mug for a cup
of whatever tasty tea happens to be in season. But when a handsome
detective asks her to help him check out what he believes is a baseless
tip, her life will never be the same…

Thursday instead of Friday, you might ask? Because this Thursday is my
birthday, and I like to release a book on my birthday when I can. It’s a
little gift to me that another project is done and out there. And if
you come back here on Thursday, I’ll post a code for a free download of Deadly Chai in the BSB store, for one day only. My gift to you. 
In other semi-related news, I’ve started a new tea project over at Tea on Tap (my long neglected tea blog). You can read about it here,
and feel free to join in if you’d like. Could be enlightening, could
just be a good excuse to drink more tea. Win-win either way, in my
was a bit surprised when I went back to last week’s list and found that
I’d completed nearly the whole thing. That almost never happens, so
despite my relatively “blah” attitude, it was a good and rather
productive week overall. This week I’ve got a bit more to do, but if all
goes as planned I should have Thursday, Friday and next Monday (for
sure, because that’s a federal holiday) off from the day job, which
means more time to work on stuff I really want to get done. Very cool. 
still need to close out that last anthology project, and finish that
short story, and look for cover art images for the next short. The last
thing left undone was the workouts – I worked out twice last week, not
my requisite three times. Other than that, mission accomplished. 
This week…a lot of editing & writing ahead: 
– Edit three short stories
– Publish Deadly Chai
– Finish current short story draft
– Close out anthology project
– Scope out artwork for current short cover
– One scene each for serials in progress
– Start one new story draft
– Continue catching up finances for BSB (started last week)
– Keep working on Mica’s sweater (started this past weekend)
– Three workouts
– Finish cleaning/organizing the main areas of the basement
– Update all blogs
That should do nicely, I think. Here’s to short weeks, birthdays and many more words!

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