On Normalcy, General Angst & Covert Affairs…

it or not, I’m actually glad this week is a normal, five-day work week.
The last few weeks have been kicking my butt with their irregular
schedules and crazy busy-ness, so maybe having a normal week will spread
the insanity out a bit. One can hope, right? 

any case, last week wasn’t all that much better than the previous one
for getting things done, hence part of my angst. But I’m kind of angsty
in general at the moment, which isn’t helping me focus. Rather than
working on projects at night, I sit and stare at my laptop and the TV,
thinking about all sorts of things I have swirling around in my head
these days. No, I won’t bore/entertain (take your pick) you with the
details, it’s all just so much…well, stupidity, really. And they’ll
all resolve themselves eventually…they always do, given enough time
and mental mastication. The whole working-through process is just kind
of annoying, really, and it makes me…angsty. I suppose it’s good for a
writer to experience angst on a semi-regular basis, if for no other
reason than mining those feelings for writing.

again, one of my drafts is particularly odd/emotional/angsty (just how
many times *can* I use that word in this post? It could be a drinking
game at this point, eh?), so maybe it’s my writing that’s making me
angsty, and not the other way around? Who knows, who cares, I just hope I
get over my bad self soon. I have things to do, dang it!

Speaking of angsty, the hubby and I have been watching the TV series, Covert Affairs
on Amazon (prime instant video = free). We’re up to season three, and I
have to say, I’m really loving the twists and turns in the overall plot
arc coupled with the episodic story lines. Talk about angst and subtext
and foreshadowing…it’s a veritable treasure trove of body language,
facial expression and non-verbal communication overall. Fascinating,
really…and some excellent acting, IMO. 

also amuses me that our heroine is turning into a regular James
Bond-type spy, complete with a cool car (given to her by a hot
co-worker, of course) and a plethora of gorgeous men to sleep with as
she goes about her spy business (Walker. Annie Walker.). She’s obviously
got a connection to these guys, so it’s not like she’s not feeling
anything, and she’s not afraid to take pleasure when she can – she
doesn’t need a long-term commitment to take advantage of a chemical
connection. I admire that, honestly.

also admire her ability to walk and *run* in Louboutins. Damn it. Why
can’t I wear gorgeous heels like that? It’s unfair, I tell you. Shoe
makers really should make some of those fabulous styles in a lower, more
practical heel height for us “normal” women, don’t you think? On the
other hand, those are some seriously expensive shoes, so it’s probably
just as well I’m consigned to look, and not touch.

*Sigh* More angst, I know. See? Can’t escape it at the moment…

In any case, I have a good feeling about the week, so here’s to less angst, more normalcy, and getting back in the groove.

nachos on Super Bowl Sunday, eh? I used to be a Broncos fan, before the
players started moving around practically every year, so I suppose
that’s who I’ll be cheering on. But really, I’ll be mostly watching for
the commercials, and for Bruno Mars/The Red Hot Chili Peppers at
halftime (if hubby doesn’t mute all that on me)…

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4 comments on “On Normalcy, General Angst & Covert Affairs…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Angst and aghast are two of my favorite words and emotions. As I read today’s post I felt right at home. We could discuss the “agnstiness of angst”over a bottle of Niagra while waiting for our brains to realize that angst just isn’t getting us anywhere so we would become aghast(that’s my happy word)at the situation and figure out a way to get out fannies in gear to break through the wall. 😉

    Here’s to a zippy wow week!



  2. Jamie DeBree

    Ardee-ann, I’d be quite happy to drink with you until we pass angst and hit aghast. LOL Progress, for the win!

    Wishing you a zippy wow week (can’t even type that without smiling) too! 😉

  3. Dolly

    I will join you in the angsty-world at the moment. Let’s all GRRRRRRRRRR together!!

  4. Carol

    I’m always angsty, so that’s just being normal for me. 😉