On Palmtops, Mint.com & Spring Things…

week was…well, still not all that great, though I did manage to be
fairly productive, especially toward the end. Keeping a smaller list
helped, and I managed to get most of it done, so this week’s is smaller
as well. The weather wasn’t nice enough to work outside, but I did get
the BSB catalog finished (for the most part), so I’m calling that site
done for now and moving on to one of my pen name sites for migration
this week. It’s a much more simple site, so it should go much faster –
especially now that I more or less know what I’m doing. Helpful thing,

One exciting thing
happened last week (well, several actually, but the other two involve
getting money, not spending it): I got a new-to-me Galaxy Note 3 smart
phone to replace my Note 8 tablet. I have my MiFi sim card in the Note
3, so I have data pretty much anywhere now (so cool!), and I can use
Skype or other online services for calls/messaging. The important thing
though is that it’s smaller than the Note 8 – just 5.7 inches, which is a
much handier size for shopping lists and taking photos out and about.
It also has a better camera, and a flash. While I freely admit that the
tablet is better for things like surfing, the Note 3 handles it well
enough, and the pros of going smaller outweigh the cons for me. Plus my
Note 8 isn’t going anywhere…I gave it to hubby to use for
gaming/surfing, but I can always borrow it back if I need to. 

interesting to look back on the devices I’ve used since
palmtop/ultra-portable computing started to get popular. One of these
days I’ll post a picture…kind of fun to see not just how things have
changed, but also how different devices dictated how I’ve organized my

One of
the other things I didn’t finish, but at least got started last week was
to get the information about my financial accounts in order and start
organizing an actual budget. I did a bunch of research and reading, and
the most popular financial manager out there seems to be Mint.com, so I
went ahead and signed up for an account. It’s basically an aggregator –
you can’t actually move your money or pay bills or anything like that
through it (I’d be really worried if you could), but it basically just
pulls in data from your bank accounts so everything is in one place, and
then analyzes your spending and debt to income ratio and suggests plans
for how to get or keep that going in the right direction.

not absolutely sure it will work for what I want it to yet (organizing
my bills according to my paychecks and reminding me to make the payments
on time), but it seems pretty handy so far, so I’ll play around with it
more this week. I may still go back to just a plain old spreadsheet,
but gotta at least try the gadgety-option first, right?

for this week – lots to do, as usual. Since the BSB site migration is
done, I’m moving on to one of my pen name sites this week, and I’ll
start that process tonight. I’ll be working on that every night this
week in hopes of having it done by Thursday in time for the Friday
serial post there. Next Saturday is going to be busy busy with our local
Geranium Festival in the morning and a birthday party for one of
hubby’s friends that night. I’m really looking forward to the Geranium
Fest, as long as it doesn’t rain. Always fun to spend the morning buying
flowers and going through the zoo. I know it’s finally spring once we
can start planting out flowers, and I have two baby trees coming for the
backyard too that I’m pretty excited about. Hooray for green and
growing things!

the rough streak I’ve been having (and a lot of others too, it seems)
will finally break this week and we can all get things done and have
enough time left over to enjoy life. I plan on making time this week, no
matter what happens…knitting, playing outside (weather permitting)
and the occasional digital jigsaw puzzle, at the very least.

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