On Pet Paranoia, TV Reception & a Cleaning Binge…

Welcome (?) to another week! I hope your weekend felt longer than it actually was…

I’m the first to admit that when it comes to my
pets, I’m paranoid. Late Thursday night, Lucy-dog took off after
something in the yard when I called her to come in, and ever since I’ve
been watching her like a hawk for any signs of mouse poisoning. Why?
Because she acted like she might have caught something, and I would have
seen her catch a bunny. She’s caught mice before, and while most of my
neighbors have dogs (and thus presumably wouldn’t use rat/mouse bait),
there are a few I can’t be sure of. Thus, potential mouse ingestion =
worry and careful watching for a week or so in hopes that I really am
just paranoid (today will be day 4, and so far, so good, so…good). 
I’m working a half-day at the day job so I can take Mica in to get his
mercury-free rabies vaccine in the afternoon, and then watch him
carefully the rest of the day/night to make sure he doesn’t have a
serious reaction. Why? Because he has a lot of allergies/gastric issues
that in some cases have been linked to the rabies vaccine, a shot of
which he also got last year at the shelter where he was living at the
time. The rest of the story is on one of my Monday blogs a couple weeks
back, but long story short, I’m afraid he’ll have a reaction given all
we’ve been through in the months since we adopted him. 
yes, I worry about my goldfish too. If he’s “flashing” (rubbing against
his rocks & tank decor), I know I’ve been way too lazy and need to
change the water ASAP. If he’s not out waiting for breakfast at the
front of the tank every morning, I stress over what might be wrong with
his tank, from water temperature to algae to PH balance. 
kind of annoying, actually, and I think it annoys my husband too (he
doesn’t stress out about much). I’m just so terribly attached to these
critters that I can’t seem to help myself. 
yes, I’ll worry when my husband is out of town this week, but it will
be more “missing him” than actual worry for his safety. Unlike my pets,
he can take care of himself (mostly).  
will I be doing when not worrying about my pets and missing my husband?
The list is below, but aside from that, I’m seriously thinking about
writing our local FOX station to see what’s up with our local FOX/ABC
repeater towers. For several weeks now, our reception has been spotty
from these two channels, which isn’t terribly important since it’s
summer, but when the fall previews come around, it will be a different
story (and I’m missing Master Chef, dang it!). I seem to remember this problem last year too. Hopefully they’re
just doing maintenance and will have it all finished by the last week in
The other thing I’m planning is a
*lot* of cleaning. I’m going to tackle both the hall closets upstairs,
and half of the basement this week in several whirlwind cleaning
sessions in the evenings after work. It’s weird, but it’s so much easier
to clean when you’re alone (or for me, anyways). We’ll see how far I
get, but I’m optimistic at this point. Probably because I can’t start
until Tuesday. 
In any case, here’s my list for the week: 
– Scene for last unfinished serial story
– Revisions for third fantasy ranch story
– Formatting and publishing horror short
– Send EB & THD to editor
– As much catch-up cleaning as possible
– Cover art for one more story
And that’s it! Should be a busy week that flies right by, methinks. Here goes nothing, eh?

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