On Piercings, Goldfish, & Eye Drops…

A friend I’ve never met in person asked me last week if I had pierced ears. I thought it was an interesting question, because it was unexpected. Partially because I don’t know many people who don’t have pierced ears in this day and age. But also because I consider her a close friend, which means I don’t often think about the fact that we’ve never actually seen each other in person, and thus wouldn’t know the answer to things that normally we’d find out via sight, rather than conversation.

Like, for instance, the fact that anyone who looks at my left ear will see one pierced earring in the normal spot, and six more marks running up the side of my ear where I use to wear a sparkly assortment of rhinestone studs on a 24/7 basis (and a titanium hoop in the very top hole). My right ear has three holes in it, though I’ve only used the bottom one since I cut my hair short. Because I wore earrings constantly for so many years, most of those holes are still open, and could still be used if I had a mind to. Cartilage is fun like that.

Yes, it was really cold in the winter. Yes, I slept with all those studs in my ear. Maybe that’s why I normally sleep on my right side, eh? The thing is, piercings were something I could get without parental approval after I was 16 or so, and I used it as a way to express my creative side. Of course for my 18th birthday, I got my navel pierced, and had that particular piercing until it grew out just a few years back. When I was 22 or so, I went and got a piercing in a somewhat more sensitive part of my body. To read more about that, check out alter-ego Trinity’s post on Thursday… 😉

No, I have no plans to get anymore piercings. Unlike tattoos, that’s not a compulsion for me. I’m content just using my two original ear piercings at this point in my life. Most mornings I don’t even have time to change those, though I would like to make more of a point to do that. I have some really great earrings I never wear because I’m just too lazy. Which is silly.

In other news, I’ve finally decided to get my fancy goldfish a tankmate. I’ve struggled with this a long time as his 20 gal. tank is really only large enough for one and I really don’t have room to upgrade, but I think that all things being equal, he’d probably prefer a shorter, more social life to a longer lonely one. So next weekend, I’ll be picking out a buddy for him (and hoping they get along!). We’ll see how it goes…

And in even better news, I’ve finally found a brand of eye drops that really helps *a lot* with my watery, rebellious eyes. After trying nearly every supermarket/drugstore brand and ending up with an infection for my trouble (and no good solution for my problem), I stumbled across a homeopathic brand (Similasan) at our local health food store, and I can’t tell you how great it is to just be able to see again. It doesn’t stop the problem completely, but well enough that I can function pretty normally, and that is worth the bottle’s weight in gold. So…hooray for homeopathics!

Little o’this, little o’that today, I know, but that’s sort of how my head’s been running lately. And now it’s telling me to get some sleep, because tomorrow’s bound to be an interesting (as almost all Mondays are).

If you have a few minutes and are so inclined, do tell: Are your ears pierced? Do you have a goldfish? Do you have a favorite brand of eyedrops?

Inquiring minds, and all that…

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2 comments on “On Piercings, Goldfish, & Eye Drops…

  1. Carol

    I used to love wearing earrings, and the funkier the better. I don’t know why I ever stopped. But I’ve taken to making sure I at least wear studs lately – today’s pair are little tiny mice. As for piercing other parts of my body . . . uh, no. The ears are as far as I go. 😉

    Now tattoos on the other hand . . . I would love to get more tattoos, I just can’t afford it right now. Some day though.

    I had goldfish once. The raccoons ate them. 😀

    I’ve never used eyedrops. Oh, wait. I lied. I did have to use eyedrops once but they were some kind of antibiotic drops the doctor gave me when I poked myself in the eye with a sharp stick.

  2. Ardee Eichelmann

    My ears have been pierced but I have a hard time keeping my piercing from healing up. When I can afford to do so I will get my ears and nose re-pierced but I don’t know when that will be, probably about the time I can afford to get a new tattoo also. I keep telling myself that patience is a virtue. I do miss wearing my earrings though.

    I cannot keep goldfish or pretty much any other fish alive. I did keep some betas alive for a while and if I ever got a fish again it would be a beta. I think they are beautiful. When I was married to husband number one we had fish tanks like crazy at the house. He was breeding Oscars, well I should say that he was trying to breed Oscars. I had a tank that he cared for and maintained. His fish thrived. Mine all died. That tells you about the luck I have had with fish. LOL!!!

    I have Chronic Dry Eye. My doctor keeps wanting me to use these expensive OTC eye drops but I like the Genteal brand drops the best. I use the gel drops at bedtime(when I remember)and I use cheaper Murine Artificial Tears at other times. I prefer the Genteal for all of the time but I can get the Murine drops for a buck as opposed to ten bucks. I think that spells out how I am going to do things. I am going to look for some drops like you got and check them out. I am ready for my dry eye problem to just go away. 😛