On Projects, Gadgets & Spring Fever…

Weekly To-Do List

Last week was weird. I was both productive and not. Unfortunately, my bouts of productivity weren’t on the projects it should have been, leaving me…well, with less important things done and more important things not. This week really has to be better, because those important things really need to be finished. Yesterday. 
Chief among the projects-that-must-be-finished are getting all the book links moved from the online store to the BSB site, and finishing up/shipping out a crochet project I’m working on. I also really need to do cover art and editing for my next release (which is already several weeks late), and I have an audio book that is finished, I just need to do the final proofing so it can be released too. So that’s what I’ll be working heavily on for the next few nights – along with the spring yard cleaning that I should have started this weekend (holiday festivities both days pretty much nixed any notions of that, unfortunately). 
There are a couple of bright spots in the week, however. The first one is pretty simple. I broke my favorite “brazen snake” watch last week, and today (Sunday), I was actually able to get my solar-powered watch up and working again (I had a hard time keeping it charged up the winter I tried, so I sort of gave up on it). I think I have a lamp that will keep it sufficiently charged now, so long as I remember to put it there every night. We’ll see how that goes. I really do like the watch, so I hope I can keep it working now, at least for awhile.
In other gadgety news, I’m getting a MiFi wireless hotspot this week. It’s on the way, and should be delivered Tuesday, after which I’ll be able to jump online pretty much anytime, anywhere I want to. Fun, eh! I’m really looking forward to it – I think it’ll be very handy. 
The weather’s finally starting to trend toward spring, and I’m ready. And not ready. I’m anxious to get outside for awhile and start working in the yard again, but I also have a list of things to do inside (and/or at the computer) a mile long. So I have mixed feelings, but the spring fever thing is definitely there, and regardless of all the stuff I have to work on, I’m determined to get outside for at least a half-hour tomorrow night while it’s nice. Fresh air is good! And I really want to get the patio cleaned up this spring so that this summer, while hubby’s working in his shop and the dogs are outside, I can be out working at the patio table too. It only seems fair.
In any case, it’s late (12:30am on Monday now), and I’m tired from all the socializing this weekend. So off to bed with me, and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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One comment on “On Projects, Gadgets & Spring Fever…

  1. Dolly Garland

    Yeah I know that concept about fresh air being good – somehow, it’s hard to get worked up about it 😛

    Good luck with your ever-increasing load of projects. I am endlessly fascinated 🙂

    For my productivity, after way too much social time in India and very little productivity, I am hoping to make the US time doubly productive. Fingers crossed for that…and that email is still on my list!! 😛