On Reality, the Mundane & Doctors

Prompt o’ the Week: Two friends are hired to go door to door
with a quick survey regarding consumer habits. Some of the answers they
receive are odd, to say the least. But one answer in particular has them
sneaking back to the house in the dead of night…

you read this (assuming you’re reading during the day), I’m back at my
dayjob desk making a valiant effort to catch up on whatever work piled
up while I was away. Considering I was a wee bit burned out when I went
on vacation, there are a lot of projects that will need my attention as
well. Luckily, while I’d rather not work for anyone else, I don’t hate
my job, and I think I’m ready to tackle it with renewed vigor. For a few
weeks, anyways.  
In those rare moments of
breathing time, I’ll be hoping and crossing my fingers that the dogs are
doing okay at home alone. While normally I’d play it safe and keep them
separate for a week or two of work hours, the new dog not being crate
trained makes that a bit more difficult and honesty, they’re getting
along/communicating well enough that I’m not too worried about major
issues (if I was, I’d certainly separate them). 
other words, back to reality. Up at 6am, shower, clothes, makeup, and
off to work we go. Home for lunch, to work again, and home around 6pm
for dinner. TV, writing, book biz stuff, reading, sleep. Rinse, repeat. 
might think I’m crazy, but I’m actually okay with this. I love routine.
I thrive on it. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy our vacation (though it
was hard and stressful in a lot of ways I didn’t anticipate), but I’m
very ready to get back to my normal routines and relatively mundane
life. Hubby and I have agreed that our next vacation “away” (normally we
just vacation at home) will be somewhere we can just lay about and be
catered too. Maybe we’re getting old, but that actually sounds far more
relaxing than a ton of walking several days in a row. 
of getting old, I’m not, really. Still, I’ve been having some health
issues lately that are probably nothing, but could be “something”. Most
normal people might schedule an appointment with their
general practitioner to have things checked out. The thing is, I’ve
never actually had a “family doctor”. I’ve always just had a nurse
practitioner do my occasional “girl” exams, and called it good. I think
it’s time, at the age of 37, to find myself a general doctor I can
call/see when I have issues that need to be checked or monitored. 

So that’s on my list for this week – pick out a general practitioner by
going through the bios/resumes online at our local clinic, and make an
appt. for an exam. Whether I stick with the first one I try, we’ll see,
but I need to start somewhere. I have three federal holidays off in
November, two of which should work just fine for that purpose. Time to
act like an adult, I guess.

On that cheery note, here’s what I have on tap for this week. So much to do, etc…
– 4 serial scenes (finish a story or two?)
– Edits to horror short, formatting
– Send physical anthology copies out
– Find doc & make an appt.
– Decide on a name and get ID tags for Dakota
– Get most of the graveyard put up on the weekend
– Vote! (absentee)
– Renew Lucy’s city license, license Dakota
I think that’s good for now…plenty of other stuff to work on if I actually finish this particular list…
Here’s to a good and productive week, eh?

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