On Reflection, Over-Reaching & Pumpkin Pie Vodka…

Prompt ‘o the Week: A professor rebuffs a student’s unwanted
advances, enlisting the help of a colleague until one night when she
receives some information about both men that changes everything…

getting to that time of year when I start thinking about how I’ve done
over the past year, where I wanted to be now and where I actually am. It
has it’s pros and cons – it’s good to reflect on where you’ve been to
decide where you want to go next. But it also causes enough cognitive
dissonance that it often puts me in a less than stellar mood until I get
everything worked out in my head.
So what do I
think so hard about, you ask? A lot of stuff, really. But the thing
driving me most nuts at the moment is a severe lack of self-discipline
(willpower, motivation – whatever you want to call it), caused by my
tendency to want to do too much. Then I try, and end up doing less than I
could have if I’d set more realistic goals. 
It’s annoying, to say the least. 
to say, this puts me in a rather reflective mindset wherein I try to
figure out how to fix the problem. And that means making hard decisions
I’d rather not make. Which always sucks.
But, I’ll get over it. I always do, somehow. And next year will be better for it. 
any case, I’ve discovered Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka as a bright (if a
little woozy) spot in my fall season. I’ve recently tried a few recipes
found on the Pinnacle FB page, and so far, very yummy. If you’re a flavored vodka/mixed drink fan, I’d recommend you check that page out…
far as the writing goes, I’m way, way behind on my NaNo draft, but
still writing along. And I’m keeping up with the other two serials as
well. At this point, I highly doubt I’ll hit 50k by November 30th, but
you never know, really. I’m enjoying the story so far, and I have a
tie-in idea for one of my pen name projects, so I’ll keep at it
So what’s going on this week?
Well, aside from the normal Thanksgiving feast on Thursday (and watch
for my “Food in Fiction” post on the #Amwriting site), here’s my list: 
– Two serial scenes
– As much NaNo drafting as I can handle
– Final read-through & markups on anthology submissions
– Sweet potatoes & pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner
– Two workouts
A short list this week, but one I should be able to cross everything off of, which will be a nice change. 
Here’s to a fun holiday week for my US friends, and just a fun week in general for everyone else!

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One comment on “On Reflection, Over-Reaching & Pumpkin Pie Vodka…

  1. Ardee-ann

    Jamie, year end evaluations can be such learning experiences. I hope you find that you have accomplished more than you had thought at first glance. You really do set the bar high and I am always amazed at how very much you accomplish. Cheers, Ardee-ann