On Routines, Motivation, and Operation Thanksgiving…

I’ll just say this right up front – there won’t be any winning NaNo for me this year.  I was pretty sure of that from the start, mentally, but there’s always this optimistic little voice in the back of my head that tells me I really can do everything I put on my list, like magic, if I just keep working on it. So even though I “knew” I couldn’t really win this year, there was still a tiny spark of “I think I can” until last Friday, when I updated my word count, and noted that I’d have to write over 3,000 words a day for 10 days to win. 

Folks, 3k words in a day is my absolute topped out brain-is-dead sort of unicorn. Other authors have no problem whatsoever hitting that, and for some, it’s a mere yawn in what proves to be a 5 or 10k day instead. But I am not other authors, I’m me, with all the personal wants, needs and baggage that entails. Including my near OCD love of routines…including when I write, and when I don’t. 

Needless to say, I don’t have any motivation to really challenge myself  with the NaNo draft this year, especially since I have three other drafts that need to be done and ready to hit publish on in the next few weeks. I really need to get those done sooner rather than later, along with a bunch of cover art and a boxed set, not to mention more audio books due to be completed and ready for approval as of December 1st. 
I also need to start thinking about next year’s writing schedule and direction (well, I have, but I need to solidify my plans). A big part of motivation for me is sales…readers. And while I don’t write to the market, I do need to focus on things I want to write that might potentially pay off (literally). Luckily, I have about a zillion books I want to write, in many different genres, so it’s more a matter of prioritization than anything else, but I do need to focus better next year. 
Of course even if I did have the motivation to make a frantic, last-minute run to finish NaNo, it would be folly this week. Not due to the holiday – I have no problems writing on holidays. But my husband is having parathyroid surgery on Wednesday this week, which means I’ll be at the hospital all day, and Thursday I’ll be taking care of the hubby while he starts recuperating from the surgery.  This week is also a surprisingly busy week at the day job, with lots to get done Mon. and Tues, and Friday has the potential to be downright hellish (though I desperately hope it doesn’t exercise that option). 
So what *am* I going to do this week (aside from work and taking care of the husband)? Well, let’s see…
– Three serial scenes for Friday
– Post the holiday serial installments on Thursday
– Write the last three holiday scenes for Christmas
– As much cover art as I can get to
– The BSB newsletter for next week
– Work on the MacKenzie draft with whatever writing time I have left
– Knitting in the evenings, and while at the hospital
– Crochet at least two more afghan squares (three would be better!)
I should have a good chunk of time to write on Thursday, and probably Weds night too, depending. So really, it should be a fairly productive week, all in all, even with the two-day “break” in the middle.
To all my US readers, I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday…and to everyone else, here’s to another great week…  

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One comment on “On Routines, Motivation, and Operation Thanksgiving…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, I don’t know if we’d have “MacKenzie Saves The World” without NaNoWriMo or not but to me the important thing is to “get your head into the game.” Now, you have your head in the game all of the time so that isn’t as important for you but it is for some of us. I am glad you did NaNo so that I could get to read about Kenzie. 😀

    I hope your week is not as bad as you think it will be but in the event that it is I am mustering up all of the positive energy that I can to send your direction.