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Top o’ the Monday to ya!

The resolutions have been made, the gauntlet thrown down, and now it’s time to start working to achieve those new goals for the year. Also, if you’ve been reading the weekly serial story, you’ll know that Jasmine Betrayal ended last Friday – and that means we need a new serial story to start this week! It’s always so exciting to start a new story, or continue on with one I’ve had to put aside, depending on how you vote (see below).  

I do love it when the holidays are over and I can get my normal grove back. And I especially love January – not just because it’s my birth month (or actually, maybe it is? Childhood imprinting, or something like that, eh?). It’s fresh, clean, and generally snowy. It just “feels” like everything’s been rebooted, so to speak. Or maybe it’s just my attitude, as I find my “zen” again after the stress of holiday festivities…
In any case, we have a few matters of business to take care of. First, there’s the oh-so-important serial story to consider. Here are the choices for the next blog serial…comment here, hit me on FB, leave a message on Twitter, comment on G+ or Goodreads, or heck, you can even email me if you prefer…whatever it takes. Tell me what you want to read next from the following list, and the story with the most votes wins. You’ll note that I’m not going to continue the tea series at this time – for now, I think three is enough, and there are other, longer projects hanging out there I’d like to work on. So here’s the list – what would you like to read next? 
A. Dunning Manor (paranormal romantic suspense – gargoyles)
B. Live With Me (romantic suspense – Candace’s (from Sleep With Me) story – second novella in the “Be With Me” series)
C. MacKenzie Saves the World (sweet romance already in progress, would just move over to this blog rather than stay on the separate one)
These are the three books I’d like to get done and published this year under this name, which is why they’re the ones on the list
. Voting closes Wednesday at midnight (MST), so I’ll have time to write the scene for Friday. 
Second order of business…I won’t be posting my weekly to-do lists here any longer, but rather I’ll provide a link to where you can see them in my Evernote file if you’d like, and you’ll even be able to go back and see when I check them off through the week. Below each item on the list, I’ll make a note of just how and when I fit it into my schedule that day, so those of you who are interested will be able to see exactly how I slot things in that need to get done (or decide they can’t be, and abandon them for the week). This should take away any “magic” that seems to be involved with accomplishing a list of goals, and instead show that *anyone* can find or make the time for things if they make an effort. And if you don’t want to know, don’t click the link. It’s that simple. 
Normally the link will be right at the top of each Monday’s post. Today, since I’m talking about it down here, the link is here: Weekly To-Do List: Jan. 5 – 11, 2014
The schedule for this blog will remain basically the same. Monday a newsy/rambly post, Wednesday we’ll talk books (reading), and the serial fiction installment on Friday. 
Other Fun Stuff
– I plan to bundle the Fantasy Ranch books into one convenient collection and have it available by the end of the month. I’m pretty excited about that, actually. 
 The Minister’s Maid will be getting a new cover soon. I’m still trying to decide whether to re-cover the whole series or not. Either way, the book will be *free* to download in all online outlets within the next few weeks. 
 The Holiday Pact series and Mr. Mysterious will be available by the end of the month. 
– The next installment of MacKenzie Saves the World will be online Tuesday. 
– The audiobook of Deadly Chai should be available soon.
So there you go! Lots of cool stuff happening soon, and much more to come this year. Away we go! 

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3 comments on “On Serial Stories, Weekly Lists & Other Fun Stuff…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    I am confused but that isn’t anything new. If you work on Dunning Manor does that mean that MacKenzie Saves The World get shelved for a while. I am just not clear on that. For me if it is a choice between the two then I guess that I would like to see MacKenzie Saves The World continued and have Dunning Manor wait in the wings. However, if MacKenzie Saves The World would stay on its own site while being worked on and Dunning Manor would have new life breathed into it then I am for Dunning Manor.

    I don’t really want to be left high and dry waiting on either of these stories but I have an emotional investment in both of them so I would vote for either of them to be the “next” project.

    I am sorry to see the Tea Series end but I understand wanting to branch out in other directions. I have enjoyed those stories a lot.



  2. Jamie D.

    Oh! My bad, Ardee-ann. MacKenzie Saves the World will continue no matter what. In fact I have a new scene to post tomorrow over on that site. So if your preference is for both to continue, I’ll mark your vote for Dunning Manor. 🙂 I certainly don’t want to shelve MSTW, either way…or leave anyone high & dry! 😉

  3. Ardee Eichelmann

    Yay for a new chapter of MSTW and yay for the possibility of both MSTW and Dunning Manor. I do like Sleep With Me and look forward to new stories but really, you have me invested in finding out what happens to Thomas in Dunning Manor. Yes, I am interested in the other characters too, don’t get me wrong but I want Thomas’ “penance” to be over with and for him to have a new chance at life or something. I realize that might not happen but I can always hope.