On Shed Building, Corn Mazes and TV Premiere Week

Prompt o’ the Week: There’s a bulletin board
in a subway tunnel, open for anyone who wants to post there. Two people
have been corresponding there for months, never meeting one another, but
leaving light, flirtatious messages to be answered whenever the other
comes by. The last note left is different, and draws public attention…

Yes, this is the weekly news, goals & prompt post, I’m just
tired of the same old title every week. So from now on, better titles.

It’s hard to realize that 1) I’m not as young as I used to be, and 2) I’m not as fearless as I used to be. 

This past weekend hubby and I had one goal – to finish the
shed/workshop we’re building. That basically means roofing the thing.
Unfortunately, we made the pitch of the roof so steep it’s impossible to
stand or balance on, and when it came right down to it, neither of us
had the guts to actually get up there and do what needed to be done.
Granted, we were both really tired from all the other work we did on the
shed the previous two days, and we’re amateurs who don’t know what
we’re doing, but it’s still disappointing.

We entertained the idea of calling in professionals, but then
realized that the roof boards aren’t even nailed down at the top because
when the guys were putting them up, no one was brave enough *then* to
get up there either. And we can’t really turn over a roof that’s not
even properly nailed down to someone else. So we’re going to wait a
couple weeks and try again, this time armed with better knowledge of
creating braces to stand on, etc, that will make the job both possible
and safer. 

Aye karumba.

We also went through a local corn maze on Friday night – surprising
how much prices have gone up just to get lost in a cornfield for a few
hours, but it was fun, and great exercise too. We did have to get a hint
to make it out, but it’s pretty amazing how two little words can make
all the difference. Not unlike the clues in a mystery novel, eh? It’s
also amazing how the moon really is bright enough, even just a sliver of
it, to see at night…*if* silly kids don’t run through shining their
flashlights right in your eyes. Sometimes turning into the moonlight, I
almost could have used my shades it was so bright. I do love being out
at night, and there’s nothing more deliciously spooky and inspiring than
tall stalks of dried corn whispering in the wind as you walk through…

In writing news, Listen to the Leaves – the anthology I’ve
been compiling/editing is done! The official release is this coming
Friday, and I hope you’ll all pick up a copy because the stories are
just incredible. More on that later in the week…

I had a pretty lofty list of goals for last week, and I
accomplished most of them, but this whole shed project is just taking up
all of my weekends (and part of Friday too last week). Which is fine,
but it does mean I’m running a bit behind. We can’t work on the shed
next weekend (hubby’s on call for work), so that will help, but this
week is premiere week on TV, and that just might cut into my evening
work time a bit…so we’ll see.

What am I so anxious to watch? So glad you asked.

Monday: The Voice (1 hr…why does it need to be
2?), The Mob Doctor & Castle (Castle!!!) (I’d give Revolution
another chance, but it’s opposite Castle, so that’s a no-brainer)
Tuesday: NCIS
Wednesday: Criminal Minds
Thursday: Person of Interest, Elementary
Friday: Grimm
Sunday: Once Upon a Time, and either 666 Park
Avenue or The Mentalist (they’re opposite each other, and we haven’t
decided whether to give up on The Mentalist just yet or not)…

So…yeah. Awesome TV week. I may even be on twitter more than usual…

Speaking of good TV…I watched the new Conan the Barbarian last
night (free for Amazon Prime – I was doing my nails). After all the
“meh” and “boo” reviews, I expected not to like it, but honestly, I
think I liked it more than Ah-nold’s version (to be fair, it’s been a
long time since I saw that one). Simple plot, easy to follow, fabulous
scenery and serious eye-candy too. Very nice. I know a  lot of people
prefer the sweeping epic adventures, but it’s nice sometimes not to have
to keep track of a million characters and plots. Simplicity isn’t
always a bad thing, IMO.

What’s going on this week (aside from all the TV watching, that is)? Let’s see:

– Finish up the cover art for the new anthology call (I am *so* late with this…gah)
– Launch the new anthology (of course)
– Print formatting & upload for RMSM (finally – good grief)
– Four serial scenes (including the story I *meant* to start last week, and didn’t)
– Revisions to a horror short so I can send it to my editor
– It would be awesome if I could finish off one of those other short serial stories I have going…
– Some clean-up work on the BSB sites
– Head to the gym I just joined twice this week and get back to swimming
– Get another review posted this Friday, and work on cleaning out my “current reads” category on my kindle.

That’s more than enough, I think. I really, really need to vacuum too.

So…are you a TV fan like me? What shows are you looking forward to this week?

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