On Shopping, Productivity & Writing Plans…

As you may have guessed from the title, I went shopping this weekend. 

I hate shopping. 

I’ve been revamping my aging work wardrobe recently – partly
because I’ve lost quite a bit of weight over the last couple of years
and some  things just don’t fit anymore, and partly because clothes wear
out after 8 years or so (I know – it’s ridiculous, really). Actually,
my black pants tend to fade within a couple years, and I wear shoes out
every 6 months to a year just due to daily wear. Things just aren’t made
like they used to be (cue “get off my lawn!”)…

I ordered pants, belts & shoes, but had to actually go shopping
for shirts (I’m picky about fabrics and styles). It took me around 4
hours on Saturday (with a break) to find four shirts. I really should
have bought the fifth one I was considering, but I already felt like I
was spending too much money (and everything was on sale, thankfully).
What else could I have done with my time on Saturday? Let’s see:

– Design a book cover (with time left over)
– Crocheted 2-3 more squares on a current project
– Revised half of a novel
– Completely clean the bathroom, complete with swapping out the shower curtain and washing rugs
– Three loads of laundry
– Banish the rest of the weeds from our gardens
– Read two full-length novels
– Completely catch up my business bookkeeping

Do you see why I hate to shop? It’s a total waste of time, and
honestly, I would have preferred doing any of the above items to
traipsing around department stores trying to find shirts that will look
decent and wear comfortably at an affordable price. Ugh.

But, it’s over now, and I should be set for several more years
before I have to do it again. Thank goodness. If I can teach myself how
to knit this winter, there’s a high likely hood I won’t have to shop for
shirts for a *long* time, as I’ll be able to make what I need. We’ll

Last week sucked in terms of getting things done. It was just bad
all around, and the hubby was gone, which didn’t help either. I’m glad
to get a fresh start this week, since I’m now way behind where I should
be on just about everything (except the day job – last week was good for
that, ironically). Here’s hoping I can get caught up, or at least make a
good effort this week. I’ve got a good feeling, anyways.

I’m hoping that I’ll have another story done soon that I can
serialize while it’s being edited and prepared for publication. That way
I can post it in bigger chunks at a time, which would be good. I’ve
been really focusing on revisions lately, but I really can’t go for so
long without writing anything new – I’m getting twitchy to start a new
draft. So I’m going to start working on the next tea story (Jasmine
Betrayal – thanks to Ardee-ann for helping me decide!) this week, and hopefully I’ll have it finished in two weeks,
after which I’ll serialize it here while it’s being edited. Best of both
worlds, I think.

What’s on tap for this week? Lots of stuff, as usual:

– Another scene for the remaining serial story
– More *@#$ revisions for THD (finish ’em maybe?)
– Start the draft of Jasmine Betrayal
– Cover art for two books
– BSB monthly newsletter
– VP newsletter
– 3-4 more squares crocheted for afghan in progress
– Catch up laundry
– Add push-ups/sit-ups to morning workout routine (tired of being wimpy – need muscles!)

And that’s it for the week…here’s hoping it goes better than the last one!

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