On Slider Puzzles, Crafty Gifting & High Maintenance Nails….

How’s Monday going so far? Passable, I hope? My weekend was so
discombobulated due to family stuff and related things that needed to be
done that I’ll probably be half asleep at my day job desk by the time
you read this, fighting off the equivalent of a weekend hangover – only
without the actual booze to blame.

My daily routines are like those flat little plastic puzzles where
you have to slide the tiles around to create an image, but there’s only
one extra space, so you can only slide one tile at a time. If you move
the tiles in a specific sequence, the puzzle comes together faster.
Otherwise, you just sort of have to keep moving them around until you
figure out how to get each one to where it needs to go without
disrupting what you’ve already set up (kind of like driving through
downtown here – most of the streets are one way only).

In any case, on the weekends my schedule is far more flexible, but
there are certain key tasks that really throw the whole thing off if
they need to be moved for some reason. One is my weekly manicure from
around midnight on Saturday to 2 or 3am Sunday morning, and the other is
my weekly grocery shopping trip on Sunday mornings (anytime before
noon). Those two things are the only weekend tasks that are really set
on the schedule, and both of them had to be moved this weekend to
accommodate my mom’s birthday. The grocery shopping thing wasn’t too bad
– we just went after brunch instead of me going in the morning. So that
was relatively painless, though I did end up running out again due to
bad planning/forgetfulness on my part.

If you’re a crafter, you’ll understand this next part all too well.
I’ve been working on a crocheted scarf for my mom for the last couple
of weeks, whenever I got time. This is how gifting always goes for the
crafter (at least all of them I know). You start out thinking you have
plenty of time, and then things get in the way, and the next thing you
know, you’re finishing up at 2 am on the day that the gift is actually
due to be given. Mom’s birthday was Sunday, so…bye bye, manicure time.

No, just not doing a manicure isn’t an option. My nails grow long
and fast, and when I don’t clip, file, and re-polish weekly, they start
breaking, the polish chips and they look and wear like crap. They can
actually get dangerous, depending on how and when they break (yes, I’ve
cut myself with my own nails before – toenails too). And yes, these are
my real nails we’re talking about here – no fakes. I work in an office,
so while I could easily leave them unpolished (though I wear polish
nearly all the time, which means not wearing polish is actually quite
physically painful for a week or so – it’s weird, but true – your
fingers get used to the extra weight of polish), I can’t just ignore
them without ending up with a mess, something that took me years to come
to terms with, given that I’m normally more of a tomboy.

Considering that a manicure requires my hands be basically out of
commission for a few hours, the only time to reasonably do that is very
late at night when the dogs are sleeping and I have no other
obligations. Finishing up the scarf on Saturday night meant that the
manicure had to move to Monday…never a good thing as far as sleep is

I’ve been watching Alias (tv show) on Amazon prime while
doing my manicures, but I’ve reached the last season, she’s pregnant and
her love interest is “dead”, and I tend to lose interest in shows
really quick when pregnancy is added as a plot point. So I picked out a
couple movies to watch instead – Cake (romantic comedy, supposedly), and The Wedding Planner (seen it, love it).

In any case, it all boils down to: busy weekend where not much
actually got done (I did pay bills though – rather proud of that),
lack-of-sleep hangover scheduled for Monday.

So what’s on the schedule for my zombie-like self this week? Let’s see – kind of a light week for a change, methinks:

– Write 4 serial scenes plus 1 holiday story
– Workout x3
– Figure out a problem that’s been driving me nuts at the day job
– Finish weeding the back gardens (see bullet point 2)
– Clean off the back patio & patio furniture
– See what I have/need to get to make the save-the-date swag for Halloween
– Get our guest list together for this year’s party
– Update web sites
– Start thinking about some new cover art/looking at images

Easy, random stuff, really. Should be a productive and somewhat
relaxed week, which will be nice. Here’s to sunshine & kicking back a

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