On Snorkeling, Snow & Obsessive Licking…

Prompt ‘o the Week: A man brings a dog to an emergency
vet late at night after he hits the animal with his car. The vet agrees
to treat the animal, but notices the man is very nervous and distracted,
as if something other than the accident is causing him stress…

Last week was incredibly productive – and fun too, for the most part. I
got the two serial stories I wanted to finish done, which will leave me
some nice blocks of time this week to work on my NaNo draft. I did get
some work done on it last week, but kept having to stop and research.
Yes, I know NaNo is for “just writing”, but I really don’t like
revisions & editing, so win or lose, I’m not going to leave out
details easily googled as I go just for the sake of going more quickly.
Newbie writers can and *should* do that (because frankly, when you’re
new, you really need to just finish something, and going through a few
gnarly revisions is just going to teach you that much more about
writing). But I’ve finished quite a few stories now, so my focus is more
on getting as much right the first time around as possible, so I can
avoid the gnarly revisions myself.  

was I googling, you ask? Well, believe it or not, I’ve never been
snorkeling outside a swimming pool (I live in Montana – just finding
open water here that isn’t moving at the speed of light or glacially
cold is a challenge). And Katherine, my heroine, is going snorkeling in
the ocean. Sort of, anyways (you can catch up with her on The Drafting Desk,
if you’re interested). So I needed to know whether it was okay to take
painkillers first (for David, our supposed hero), and
how snorkeling tours work in general – stuff like how many people are
normally in a group, how they get out to where they’re snorkeling, what
kind of safety instructions there are, how long they last…etc. So now
if I ever do go somewhere and snorkel, I’ll be ready! 

we got our first real snowfall of the season here, and it was a doozy.
Several inches late last week that are still on the ground, surprisingly
enough. And *cold*! But I’m not complaining much. The single-digit
temps I can do without, but snow? I love snow. I love winter, honestly –
because I have a good reason to stay inside and do housework and write.
It’s not that I mind the other seasons necessarily, but I could never
live in a temperate climate. Too much work to feel like I need to be
outside doing stuff all the time! 

our German Shepherd mix loves the snow too – she likes to play in it,
and will stay out until her feet freeze if I let her. Mica, our
Anatolian Shepherd mix does *not* like the cold – poor guy. He only has a
single coat rather than the double coat more common on big dogs around
here (and Anatolians too, so I’m not sure how he ended up with the short
end of that gene pool – boxer, maybe?). He’s going to need a coat this
winter – better get the crochet hooks out! He’s also going to need a
shrug, I think – something to cover both his front legs and go around
his shoulders. But that’s due to the obsessive/compulsive licking
behavior he’s picked up somewhere. It’s really sad, actually – he licks
at his joints (mainly the two front elbow joints) until they’re raw and
sometimes bleeding. I’ve been reading a lot about it, and unfortunately,
it’s an extremely difficult issue to fix, because it *is* a true
compulsion. But we have to work on it, because if it goes on long
enough, it can create very serious skin and health issues. 

that’s what’s been going on around here lately. And you thought the
obsessive licking was going to be something quite different, didn’t you?
Sorry to disappoint…  

for this week, I see much writing in my future. I’ve also decided to
give the Cozi calendar another chance, since they now have notifications
and widgets for android. If it works the way I’d like it to, I’ll have
all my calendar stuff, daily task lists, meal plans and shopping lists
in the *same place* rather than using several different programs/apps to
do the same thing. Here’s crossing my fingers…

Here’s what’s on the weekly list: 

– Two serial scenes
– 2k words average on the NaNo draft per day (yikes!) 
– First read-through of winter anthology submissions
– Crochet a test shrug for Mica
– Add laundry to my nightly routines
– Start working out again, even if just at home
– Transfer all calendar items/lists/etc to Cozi program
– Update web sites as time permits 
– Send out party invitations I didn’t get done last week

And that’s it – a shorter list this week, which is good. 

Here’s to federal holidays (I’m home today!), and many, many words waiting to be written…

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