On Steel Men, Yarn Projects & Keeping the Brain Loose…

Top o’ the Week to ya! I distinctly remember starting last week
with a “weekend hangover”, and this week will be no different. Writing
this on Sunday, we have plans to head out to the drive-in theater later
tonight for the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. And no, this
has nothing to do with my newfound love of comic books (honestly, I
haven’t really gotten into the Superman comics, though I did buy the
first issue of the new Superman Unchained series this week). It has
everything to do with my love of the first movies, and wanting to see
how they changed and updated the story to make it more relevant for
today’s viewers. Well, and Henry Cavill is *hot*…and I love the new
colors & design for the costume…

I remember being a little girl and watching the Christopher Reeves
Superman movies with my dad, and falling totally in love with Clark
Kent/Superman…because really, who wouldn’t want a “man of steel” who
is a kind, gentle soul, but also can kick the crap out of anyone,
anywhere, anytime without fear of dying (we’ll just ignore that little
kryptonite issue, shall we)? Unlike a lot of people, I actually really
liked Christopher Nolan’s Batman, so I’m really looking forward to what
he’s done with Superman. And nachos too, of course. 

It’s always a double feature at the drive-in, and 42 (the
Jackie Robinson story) follows MOS tonight. I don’t know that we’ll stay
for both – they’re both 2 hours (MOS is 20 minutes longer even), and
that would put us home at 3am…a bit late for a work night. We’ll see
though. Mondays aren’t really worth being awake for anyways, right?

***Update shortly after midnight – really enjoyed Man of Steel. I loved the new dark, angst-y flavor they put on it…far more realistic, IMO. And that’s all I’ll say to avoid spoilers. We didn’t stay for 42 (obviously). Just too late for a work night.***

In other, completely different news, I was bored (ie, avoiding
something I should do in favor of doing nothing) last week, and decided
to watch a video on knitting. Now, most people who work with yarn prefer
either knitting or crochet, even if they know how to do both. And we’re
generally kind of outspoken on which one we prefer (crocheters like me
being a bit defensive due to people who do neither always assuming we’re
“knitting”). I don’t know why, that’s just the way it is. Humans are
competitive. It’s what we do. 

So when I found myself thinking, “hey, that doesn’t look so hard,” I
also had an instinctive guilt reaction that by even considering
knitting, I was being disloyal to my crochet hobby. Which is stupid, of
course, because hobbies don’t care if you’re loyal or not, but humans
are weird. The thing is, knitting often works better for supple garments
like clothing and socks. Or so I’ve heard. But it’s also slower, and
I’m impatient with my crochet projects already, so slow projects don’t
excite me much. 

In any case, I may still teach myself how to knit this year, but
for now, I’ve decided to stick with hookin’. I downloaded a bunch of
free crocheted t-shirt and sweater patterns this weekend, and I’m going
to start either a sweater or a tank top for myself this week. I think it
will be fun! 

The brain is a funny thing…or mine is, anyway. Now that I’ve sort
of settled into a writing “routine”, I’ve found that if I don’t work on
other things during the week, my creativity goes south. I need
stimulation outside of what I do all the time in order to keep my brain
loose and ready for anything. I think that’s why I prefer writing in
several genres too – it doesn’t let me stagnate too long in one set of
tropes or boundaries – it keeps me constantly on my toes and alert as I
jump around. 

It strikes me as very important to pay attention to this sort of
thing, and give the brain the stimulation it needs when it needs it. And
honestly, I’m happy to do so. These last few weeks where I’ve been
crocheting and paying more attention to plants and housework along with
my writing have been some of the most productive and creative I’ve had
all year. Sure, projects go slower when I’m spread out across several,
but I think it’s the “doing” that matters, not the end result so much.
Loose, limber brains are happy, hardworking brains, or something like

You’re welcome for that lovely mental image this fine Monday morning. LOL

What’s on the list for this week? Well, let’s see…

– 4 serial scenes plus 1 holiday story (at least)
– Start a new crochet project
– Beta read a draft for a friend (really looking forward to it)
– Weed, walk or workout 3 nights this week
– Book giveaway starting Wednesday (so come back!)

I think that’s all I’ll plan, for a change. Anything else I get
done will be icing on the proverbial cake, and we all like icing, right
(buttercream or cream cheese for me, please!)? 

Here’s to a great week with warm, summery weather…

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