You know those boring people who only ever have one or two things
to talk about? Yeah, that’s kind of me right now. I’m not even being
dramatic when I say that last week consisted solely of work and crochet
and writing – and nothing else. No good TV (that’s totally not my
fault), barely any social interaction online or off, and the only other
thing I did was spend three and a half hours putting together a digital
jigsaw puzzle to try to earn more digital money for more digital puzzles
– I was resting my hands at the time (sort of…my left hand, anyways).
Crocheting for that many days in a row with a plethora of different
fibers is really quite hard on the hands (builds good muscle though!).

got signed into my Simpson’s Tapped Out game on my tablet again too
(apparently one of the latest updates finally fixed it on my Galaxy Note
8 after the Thanksgiving update broke it).

Important things, you know.

did finally finish all of the gift scarves I was working on (the last
at 2am this morning), and the afghan is very nearly done…just need to
finish the border and taking care of all the loose ends. I’ll finish
that tonight. The wrapping is mostly done too, which is good.  And I
have a good idea of what I’ll do for gifts next year, which is also
good…I’ll start in January and hopefully finish early next year.
*fingers crossed*

also got a good deal of writing done last week – finished off the
Christmas installments of the holiday serial stories, so those will be
posted on Wednesday as promised, and the completed drafts are with the
editor, so they’ll be out sometime in early January, as promised. I also
got all the regular serial scenes done, as well as started working on
the MacKenzie draft again, so with any luck, I’ll have another
installment of that story to post soon as well. Ever forward, right? I’m
happy to be getting back to that story…I’m anxious to see how
MacKenzie & Josh are going to get through this latest hurdle (and
the one I’m about to throw at them too).

week will be weird with the holiday right smack-dab in the center, and
our time scheduled for pretty much all of it. Christmas eve with the
in-laws right after work on Tues., brunch on Christmas morning with my
parents, and then Christmas dinner with the in-laws again later that
afternoon.  So a good 30 hours or so of bouncing back and forth for
holiday engagements. But we have caramel vodka and apple cider, which
should make at least a couple of those hops a little more pleasant.

Around all that? Here’s what’s on my list for the week:

– Write four serial scenes for the ongoing serial stories
– Finish up the last gift, wrapping, and get through the holiday stuff without too much angst
– Push through a couple good-sized day-job projects while it’s quiet

Get all the decorations down and the house cleaned up this coming
weekend for the new year. (I haven’t even vacuumed in two weeks due to
Christmas projects)
– Pop a few “sorry this is late” cards in
the mail, and mail a couple gifts that didn’t make it out on time to
arrive for Christmas.
– Work on the business plan and personal resolutions for 2014.

you celebrate, I wish you and yours a very happy holiday week, and may
you have plenty of alcohol and dessert to help you deal with family
along the way.  

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One comment on “On…Stuff.

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, you have gotten so much done. At least your blog doesn’t circulate on the same unsavory thing mine does so you know you are ahead of me! 😉

    I know we had the conversation at Thanksgiving but I can’t believe you have to work on Christmas Eve. My goodness if a government employee from Arkansas went to work for the government in Montana they would be aghast at working on the Friday after Christmas AND Christmas Eve. They wouldn’t know what to do. In our area, library employees get even more holidays than other municipal employees too.

    I hope you survive the holiday adventures and have a very Merry Christmas. Yuletide Greetings, Ardee-ann